How VoIP benefits SMBs with big growth plan?

How VoIP benefits SMBs with big growth plan?

VoIP or Hosted PBX provides high-quality and reliable phone services anywhere you have access to the internet.

It removes the requirement to utilise landlines for real-time conversations. The cloud telephony can be utilised for both phone calls and text messages.

Benefits of cloud telephony for SMBs

  1. Affordability

According to research, the cloud telephony decreases phone-related expenses for the average business by 40 to 80%. This is possible with internet phone since the complete charges of installation, set up and system maintenance is minimal in comparison to landline systems. There is no need for additional hardware installation. Through Hosted PBX VoIP, phone calls can be made from your internet phone system or cell phone. You do not need the hardware like a traditional landline, server, and telephone cables. all the data can be stored in the cloud rather than some in-house system. Hence, the price of setting up an in-house storage for saving call details is completely zero.

You can get phone numbers from any state and this makes all outbound phone calls much cheaper compared to traditional telephone lines. Global phone calls can be made at a considerably cheaper rate through cloud phone services. For example, if you are in Span and your customer base is in the UK. you can get a UK phone number and the call rates for all the phone calls to the UK will be domestic and not international.

  1. Accessibility

The cloud telephony allows your team to remain in touch with team members or customers constantly. This is possible through web, desktop and mobile apps which ensures uninterrupted and seamless communication. The cloud telephony can liberate your team from the confinement of fixed Telecommunication company landlines and physical location.

Since a lot of businesses are now switching to a remote working model. Your employees need a solution which allows them to connect and communicate with potential leads and customers from anywhere. Cloud telephony ensures this freedom completely. With a broadband connection, phone calls can be made from anywhere and anytime everywhere.

  1. Reliability

Another utmost important thing for a growing business is reliability. You can’t afford to have a phone system which crashes often. Cloud telephony can ensure that your support and sales are always there for the customers.

  1. Trackability

One of the best things about having a digital phone solution for your team is easy trackability and monitoring. Being a digital solution, the cloud telephony tracks all the activities and conversations. With right tracking and analytics, you can search for the characteristics that are impacting your sales.

The ability of monitoring and acting upon data-based insights is essential for SMBs. The growth can be improved through data-driven decisions for support and sales. Also, call analytics can help managers in tracking the performance of the staff. Some other monitoring VoIP features are call recording and call-heat maps. Through call heat maps you can track hours easily receiving high call volume to plan your schedule accordingly. Phone Call recording allows supervisors to keep a check on the conversation quality.

  1. Simplicity

Using and managing cloud telephony is easier than managing a traditional business telephone lines system. Since all the heavy lifting is done by your service vendor, you can get your phone services up and running in just a few minutes. Nowadays, the workforce has become habitual with web-based and digital products. This makes cloud telephony much easier to employ for the team. Furthermore, without the requirement for physical telephones and constant maintenance, supervisors can spend their time in team growth rather than managing questions of confused workers.

Whether we talk about setting up or getting a new phone number with cloud telephony it is just a few clicks away. Also, the cloud telephony provides call analytics dashboard which you can use to track the performance of your whole team from a single place.

  1. Scalability

For a growing company, scalability is one of the most significant features to look for in all systems or software they use. This is particularly essential for small to mid-sized companies whose requirements and demands might change frequently. Hence for a growing business, it is must to have a cloud-hosted PBX telephony solution that is flexible and scalable. VoIP phone systems ensure that you do not waste your time on trivial tasks such as setting more connections and phone numbers. You also don’t require the IT team to set up a new connection for each new team member.

For each new team member, you can get a new phone number easily with just a few clicks. Furthermore, all the calls related data can be stored in cloud services and that will be nothing in comparison to the cost of upgrading an in-house storage system.


The decision of upgrading to cloud telephony is an easy decision for SMBs. The cloud solutions already have some clear benefits and its web-based foundation certainly promises smarter upgrade and features. SMBs can truly benefit from cloud telephony since they are ready to accept and implement new technologies.

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