How your business can show up in Google maps results

How your business can show up in Google maps results

Local SEO is not only for your business to be more visible than competitors, but also to generate highly-qualified leads. These leads are the people who are in your neighborhood and are close to making a buying decision. And, it’s also considered to be one of the most effective ways you can drive in-store visits through online search. But to make sure that this happens, you need to be appearing in Google Maps and in the local search results. This article discusses how your business can show up in Google maps results.

You need to create Google My Business correctly

Before your business can appear in the local pack of results and Google Maps feed, you must create a Google My Business account. However, you need to be careful with this because inaccurate filling can be disastrous. No wonder, Google says accuracy is one of their major concerns when it comes to local listings.

Google wants to make sure that there is 100% consistency in the business details you provide. This is the best way Google can verify that you are a genuine business and not some sort of spam.

Therefore, the details you fill in the form need to be exactly the same as the details that show in your business everywhere online. Remember that inconsistent name, address, and phone number can prevent you from appearing in Google Maps. Therefore, you need to choose a single format for the business details.

Besides accuracy, Google is also interested in relevancy. This is why selecting your business category wisely is crucial. You can be asked to put your primary category and add at least 10 extra categories on the landing page of the Google My Business to make your business more relevant when it comes to local search intent.

You should also verify the location of your business in Google Maps. You can do this by filling out information on the Google My Business page so that you may rank Your Google My Business Listing. This should include opening times and days of operation. With more information you provide, it means there can be good chances of matching your business with relevant searches.

Optimize your website for local search

Once you create a Google My Business account, you need to think about your site. It’s worth noting that you can still appear in Google Maps even without a website, but it can affect your local presence. Google tends to use the information that is on your site to verify the business details, so not having one can remove this important reference.

One of the key things that Google wants to see on your website is a contact page that has the same business information that you filled in the Google My Business account.

When you include the business location and contact details, then there are other things you can optimize the website. These include embedding Google Maps on your website, using the locations as keywords in the blog content, ensuring your site is optimized for mobile devices, using the location in anchor text, and many more.

Written by Crystal Rae

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