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My phone is overheating


The phone heats up or overheats when in use.


It is normal for your phone to heat up. The faster your Huawei P30 Lite consumes power, the more heat it generates. It is recommended to reduce the power consumption of your phone to prevent it from overheating.


  1. Go to Settings > Battery > Optimize power consumption , check the status of the phone and optimize its settings by following the instructions that appear
  2. Go to Settings > Battery and enable Power saving mode or ULTRA POWER MANAGEMENT MODE

Your phone will then use less power and produce less heat. However, this operation may affect your user experience. Perform this operation according to the actual usage situation.

The phone heats up during phone calls


The back or the screen of P30 lite becomes hot during a call.


The heat generated during phone calls is related to the signal strength:

  • During a call, your phone’s RF component, screen, speaker, and receiver operate at the same time. Therefore, it is normal for your phone to generate more heat than when it performs other tasks.
  • If the network signal is unstable, your phone increases the signal transmission strength and therefore starts to heat up.


  • Try to make your phone calls in places with good signal.
  • Avoid keeping the screen on for too long as this can cause the phone to overheat.
  • If the call is long, use a headset to prevent the earpiece and speakerphone from heating up.
  • Do not make calls when the phone is charging. Phones already generate heat while charging, so making a call at the same time could lead to overheating.

My phone is overheating when using Phone Clone

A large number of data compression, transmission, and decompression tasks are in progress when using Phone Clone . Hence, your phone overheats due to the heavy workload. After the cloning is complete, turn off the screen and your phone temperature will return to normal. In addition, we recommend the following precautions:

When using Phone Clone , take care that the heat can be dissipated.

We recommend not to use Phone Clone in places with high ambient temperature or poor heat dissipation conditions, for example in direct sunlight or when your phone is covered with a quilt or blanket. .

Use Phone Clone when your phone is fully charged.

We recommend that you do not charge your phone at the same time you are using Phone Clone , as it will cause your phone to heat up.

My phone heats up while charging

It is normal for your P30 lite to heat up while charging, especially if it is using fast or super fast charging, as the current and voltage are higher compared to normal charging.

If you charge it wirelessly, your phone may generate heat due to the loss of power during wireless data transmission.

To prevent your phone from overheating, follow these steps:

Use the charger that came with your phone

We recommend using the standard charger to charge your phone. Using a third-party charger may cause your phone to heat up due to incompatible charging specifications.

Charge your P30 Lite in a place where heat dissipates well

Place the phone in a well-ventilated place, such as indoors or on a desk. If the heat dissipation is bad, for example in direct sunlight, in a car, or on a bed or sofa, the temperature of the phone will rise.

Avoid using your phone while you are charging it

Do not use your phone while it is charging, as this may make the overheating worse.


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