HVAC Care: 5 Telltales Signs of a Clogged Air Filter

Winter is upon us, and because of that, we are starting to hear more and more about HVAC systems. It’s overwhelming to listen to the different types, but also what to look out for when it comes to maintenance.

That is why we are here to break down the care of HVAC systems, specifically air filters. Read on to learn 5 telltale signs of a clogged air filter.

  1. Are You Experiencing Shortness of Breath?

Air filters play an important role in keeping the indoor environment of a house healthy and well-ventilated. A clogged and dirty air filter can cause shortness of breath and other health problems as well.

If a person is experiencing shortness of breath, the filter should be checked immediately, and the air filter should be replaced depending on the situation. Regularly inspecting and maintaining it can help combat air quality issues and decrease the severity of health problems.

  1. Strange Smells May be a Sign of a Clogged Air Filter

A clogged air filter restricts airflow, making the HVAC system work harder and allowing dirt, dust, and other particles to enter the system. When these particles come in contact with the heated coils of the HVAC system, they can produce an odd odor.

The odors can range from a musty smell to a burning smell, depending on the type of material that is clogging the HVAC air filter. To resolve the issue, it’s essential to inspect and get a new air filter if it’s blocked and check for any loose parts or blockages in the ventilation system.

  1. Are Your Doors or Windows Sticking?

If your doors or windows suddenly start sticking, it could be another symptom of a clogged air filter. It prevents air from flowing freely, which in turn increases the negative pressure in your property and can cause windows, doors, and even walls to suck inwards like a vacuum.

If this happens, it is recommended to check all the air filters in your HVAC system and, if necessary, replace them to improve airflow and reduce the negative pressure that’s pulling in your windows and doors.

  1. Noticeable Colors or Particle Discharge

The presence of these colors or particles is an indication that airflow is being restricted and this restricted airflow. Colors ranging from black and brown to white can all be indicators of a clogged filter. Black or brown particles or streaks can be caused by a dirty evaporator coil, the white buildup can be the result of a clogged condensate pipe, and yellow streaks may be a sign of an oil leak.

  1. Unusually High Bills Could be a Sign of Trouble

Unusually high bills could be a sign that an inefficient air filter is blocking the airflow, resulting in more use of energy to cool and heat the home. If it isn’t changed regularly, the system can become bogged down and struggle to distribute air, increasing the system’s energy demands properly.

Get Your HVAC Air Filters Checked Today

Regular maintenance of your air filter is necessary for optimal HVAC performance. If you ever notice these five signs of a clogged air filter, it is important to immediately inspect and replace the air filter to avoid further system failure. Don’t wait – take action now to ensure a comfortable and healthy home environment today.

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