Importance of fonts in graphic designing

Importance of fonts in graphic designing

Role of fonts in graphic designing:

Fonts play an important role in beautifying your text and enhancing its value. The human mind focuses only on what it finds interesting, and text written in the same style is very boring. That is why different types of fonts are used which makes the text easier to understand because these fonts highlights each important point. These different fonts are the graphical representation of the text that usually consist of different typeface, point sizes, weight, colors, or designs. Just like the web designers, common users also allowed to change the font style or size, during typing some text in the document on various software programs, like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, WPS office and many other applications. Although some users refer to fonts and typeface (a family of fonts made in a particular style)  together, it is more accurate to think of typeface as a group of linked posts. A font is the way the typeface is presented, taking into consideration the size and style. Any group of various fonts including bold and italic variations is known as a font family.

Types of fonts normally used in graphic designing:

There are many types of fonts that can be used to make the content more attractive and understandable. Many modern fonts are introduced in the world of graphics. Some fonts cannot be used easily by the people because some amount is fixed as a premium, that must be payed before having access to such fonts. But there are some free fonts also available, to which a normal person can get access easily without paying any amount. Some of the popular types of modern fonts are as following:

  • Calibri
  • Azonix
  • Munich
  • Manrope
  • One day
  • Kayak
  • Coves
  • Coco Gothic
  • Pier
  • Big John Pro
  • Sequel
  • Corn
  • Algerian
  • SimSun
  • Arial
  • Arial black

And many other fonts are available that have different characteristics for making your content different and unique.

  • Azonix:

In this type of font all the letters are typed perfectly in the same size to fit on a line. Azonix is an uppercase font firstly designed by Mixo and is often choosed for headlines and also used in designing logos. The “A” without a cross  line gives Azonix a wonderfully unique look.

  • Munich:

This font is also very famous among all font types. Letters are elongated and condensed in this font that is also specialized for headlines and logos having crossline base. It provides single and very attractive look. The amazing feature of this font is the unique designing of Q and Z.

  • Manrope:

Manrope is very amazing and the most popular font. This type of font is specialized for clock faces, phone numbers, and different apps. Cyrillic and most Latin variations and ligatures are some of the most important features of this font.

  • One Day:

It is based on stencil style and is firstly designed by Nawras Moneer. This font is usually used in designing different projects and is also specialized for social media graphics. This cannot be used for typing paragraphs and long text, rather it is used for typing small lines like headings.

Free fonts used in graphic designing:

There are many types of free fonts that are available to the users without any amount as premium. Some of them are as following:

  • Lombok
  • Ailerons
  • Cooper Hewitt
  • Aqua
  • Kolikö
  • Polya
  • Radnika
  • Modeka
  • Higher
  • Nordic
  • Komoda
  • Kollektif
  • Achi
  • Parley

Many other free fonts are also available that can arrange your context by the following ways:

  • Readability:

It increases the ability of the text to become readable for the people.

  • Recognition:

When you are able to understand things mentions in the context then you are also able to recognize the real purpose of the text.

  • Ranking:

By using different fonts, your words can speak to the people that they are ranked differently according to their need and arranged properly.

Written by Enaa Mari

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