Incredible Mountain View North Coast Property for Sale in Egypt

Incredible Mountain View North Coast Property for Sale in Egypt


Egypt’s north coast is a stunning location for a luxurious home. With views of the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Sinai in the distance, this property is perfect for someone who wants to live a luxurious lifestyle. The estate includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, five living rooms, and three kitchens. Outside there are multiple pools, a tennis court, and gardens that can accommodate up to 24 people.

Property overview:

This incredible mountain view north coast property for sale in Egypt is situated on an amazing plot of land with breathtaking sea views. With space for up to six people, this property would make the perfect getaway for any family looking to enjoy nature and relaxation. It’s also only a short drive from some great attractions in the area, so you can easily

Benefits of living in mountain view north coast Egypt:

Mountain view north coast Egypt is a great place to live if you want to enjoy the natural beauty that the country has to offer. This area is known for its breathtaking vistas, which are sure to please any tourist looking for a scenic location. The climate in this region is also very mild, making it perfect for anyone who wants to avoid the cold winters that many parts of the world experience. Additionally, this area offers plenty of activities and attractions for residents and visitors alike. From hiking and biking trails to hot springs and beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone in this area.

Property Price:

In a country where the average price of an apartment is over EGP 1 million, it’s no wonder that property prices in Mountain view north coast Egypt are so high. The area has long been known for its luxurious lifestyle and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Property prices in this area have only continued to rise in recent years as more and more people are lured by the prospect of living close to some of Egypt’s most prestigious beaches. Click here for more information about property price.


Mountain View north coast Egypt is a beautiful place to visit, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The area is full of historical sites, including the ancient city of Alexandria. There are also plenty of activities available, such as hiking and cycling.

The North Coast is known for its rolling hills and picturesque villages. But it’s not just the natural beauty that makes this area so special, there’s also history here. Ancient ruins can be found scattered throughout the region, and legends say that these sites hold clues to the origins of civilization.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet getaway or a lively beach town, the mountain view has something for everyone. So if you’re planning a trip to Egypt anytime soon, make sure to add this beautiful north coast location to your list!


This north coast property offers a panoramic mountain view that is sure to take your breath away. If you’re looking for a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is the perfect property for you! For more information, make sure to check it out today!

Written by Enaa Mari

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