Introducing Your Smile’s New Best Friend: The Family Dentist

Dental needs vary by family member. Each person has unique needs when it comes to their oral health. Fortunately, a family dentist can address these needs. How can they be of help to you?

A Family Dentist

Aren’t all dentists family dentists? Many people may assume a dentist can treat any person, and this is true. However, some professionals choose to focus on a specific age group. That isn’t the case when you choose a new family dentist. They see all members of the family, offering a holistic approach when doing so. What benefits come with selecting a dentist who can treat all family members?


Families love the fact that they can receive dental care at one location. Multiple family members may be seen during the same visit, reducing the need to set aside time for several visits at multiple locations. Less time is spent at the dental office and managing different providers. 

A Familiar Setting

Family members often feel more comfortable when they are in familiar surroundings. Children, in particular, like to know what to expect when they visit the dental office. If all family members see the same dentist, every person will feel better when it is their turn in the chair. They will be less anxious and the experience will be better in every respect. 

Complete Care

A family dentist can provide care for all people. They can check a baby’s teeth, help a teen in need of braces, or install a dental implant for a senior who is missing a tooth. They have experience in treating all ages, which families appreciate. 

Preventative Measures

Certain dental conditions run in families. A family dentist can spot these issues and work with those family members who don’t have the condition to prevent it from appearing. In addition, the dentist educates all family members on good oral hygiene practices. The family can then work together to ensure all members use these practices. 

Continuity of Care

If a person must switch dentists as they age, they may not receive the highest level of care. By choosing a family dentist, a person knows they will stay with the same practitioner even as they grow and their needs change. Doing so allows for continuity of care. In addition, all dental records for the family are maintained in one location. This makes it easy to obtain records if they are needed for any reason.  

Choosing a Family Dentist

When looking for a family dentist, consider the following things. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, and read online reviews. Once you have gathered a few names, check the credentials of each professional. Visit their offices and talk with staff members. Ensure the practice can handle the family’s needs. 

Most families find there are several benefits associated with choosing a family dentist. The ones mentioned above are just the beginning. However, it comes down to finding the right professional for the family, one whom all family members feel comfortable with. Finding this individual may take time, but don’t give up. The oral health of each family member is of great importance. The dentist partners with each person in the family to ensure they have a healthy smile, one that will benefit their lives in countless ways. Keep looking until this professional is found, as they will be worth their weight in gold. 

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