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Introduction to video editing course

Videos are now the future of content creation because now people engage much more through video content rather than reading posts. Video editing is the basic need for making your video look more attractive and eye-catching.

Video editing is a bit of a complicated process, and it is known as post-production in the film industry.

Videos often provide a brief understanding of the process involved.

In this course, you will be covering the basics of video editing by a tool called Premiere pro. It is one of the famous video editing tools.

Skills Covered 

  • Editing Video / Video editing
  • Premiere Pro
  • Creating a video

Course Certificate 

You can complete video editing course from Great learning and get a course completion certificate which you can add in your CVs, certificate section of your Linkedin profile.

Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to video editing
  • Video editing jargon
  • Basic fundamentals of video editing
  • Creating a video in premiere pro

Introduction to video editing 

In 2021 every second person wants to become a content creator, and the best tool with which he/she can showcase their talent is video creation. One can easily upload his/her video on platforms like youtube, Facebook or Instagram. Video content finds more engagement among all types of content that a content creator can create.

From taking your business online to capturing family moments, you can do any sort of thing through video creation. There is a wide range of video editing software that is currently available in the market.

Video editing can be simple or complex that depends on the content, but for sure, the process of video editing is enjoyable.

If you are editing a simple video, then that can be done using your smartphone, but if you want to use software like premiere pro, then you need basic configuration in your computers or laptops.

  • Processor: Any recent processor like intel 5 or 7, AMD ryzen 5 will give you a decent performance at low price
  • RAM: While some softwares can work on 4GB of RAM, for a much better performance you should have RAM of at least 8GB. If you want very high resolution video editing like 4k+ than 16 GB will give you a good experience.
  • Graphic Card: Whether you need a graphic card or not totally depends on the software you are using for video editing. Some softwares while editing do not require a graphic card but some require a graphic card for better performance.

This was some basic introduction to the concept of video editing. Great learning is a platform from which you can choose a video editing course free of cost and learn the basics of video editing.

Video editing Jargon: 

JARGON means terms, so here are some basic jargons you should be aware of while video editing.

  • Aspect ratio: This usually shows the relation between the width and the height of your video.
  • Colour temperature: This is measured in kelvin and its scale ranges from cool to warm.
  • Compression: It is a process of reducing data in a file.This can make uploading and downloading process of a video much faster.
  • Frame rate: It can be termed as a shutter cycle when the sensor captures video in a time interval of one second.
  • Resolution: It refers to the actual number of pixels a video contains. Example 720p, 480p, 1080p etc.
  • Sync: A video is synced when audio is mixed or aligned with the video.
  • Tilts: These are opposite of pans.These are vertical movements made by camera that are fixed.
  • Pans:These are fixed horizontal movements made by camera. These are opposite of tilts.

These are some basic jargon related to video editing. After enrolling in the video editing course you will learn more jargons and their use.

Basic fundamental of video editing 

  • Before creating a video you need to prepare a good script because a good script will hold people’s attention.
  • Colours affect the mood and this is why you should use the right colour combination. You can learn about colours from the ‘colour theory’.
  • If you are using images in your video then try using high resolution images.
  • Add music in the background related to the content you have created because music often holds people’s attention.
  • Your final cut should be attractive and look like a pro. ● Market the video you have created.

Creating a video in a premiere pro 

Premiere pro is one of the best softwares you will find in the market for video editing.

After launching premiere pro you can start with the new project.

Here are some basic tabs you will see in premiere pro:

  • Project (bottom left): Where you import and organize your media file.
  • Source Monitor (top left): Where you view and trim your raw media file.
  • Program Monitor (top right): Where you view your timeline sequence.
  • Timeline (bottom right): Where you create your edit.

To learn more about premiere pro as a tool for video editing enroll in the course provided by Great learning. With knowledge you will be given a course completion certificate from great learning which you can add in your CVs.

Written by Crystal Rae

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