Investing in Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate

When you invest in real estate, you look forward to both long-term and short-term financial returns. passive real estate investing is one of the few businesses that can be described as a low-risk investment with a high probability for exponential growth. Just like any other serious business, property investment can sound like a daunting task, especially to new investors. So, if you are new to investing in property, it is highly recommended that you equip yourself with the know-how of making more informed real estate investment decisions by enrolling in an online real estate and economics course. Furthermore, here is a guide to help you understand economics, markets, and the natural flow of finances in real estate investment.

How to Critically Evaluate Real Estate Options

As an aspiring real estate investor, your aim is to know how to accurately determine the real value of a given real estate. Therefore, your valuation should be based on current real estate market trends to find the correct value of the property you want to sell or buy. he prevailing market data will provide vital information regarding median home values, average housing inventory, nationwide sales numbers, and mortgage rates. But you also need to consider the costs associated with buying and selling property, for example, you will need a conveyancer in Melbourne to transfer the legal title of the property, but there’s also stamp duty, inspection costs and mortgage and loan fees.

Different Techniques Used To Determine the Property Value

There are up to three different ways to determine real estate values. The first technique involves the Federal Housing Financing Agency’s (FHFA) House Price Index Calculator. With FHFA, you can easily track how home values have changed from transaction to transaction. Usually, the technique uses data collected from many years of mortgage transactions. This raw data indicates how most home values fluctuate in that particular market.

The second method uses comparative market analysis (CMA). The CMA technique comes in handy when you are about to put your property on the market. Also, the CMA document compares your property to the recent sales in your location to help determine its real value. Here, you need to ask a realtor to help you create a comparative market analysis.

The third option is conducting a professional appraisal. This technique seems to be the most accurate form of real estate valuation. Plus, it is highly recommended if you want to get approval for financing your home or refinancing your mortgage. So, you may have to hire an experienced appraiser to do a professional appraisal on your behalf.

Sustainable Real Estate Practices 

Sustainable real estate development seems to be the current trend among different developers. These new sustainable practices are not only beneficial to the property owners but also a worthy investment for future generations. As a matter of fact, sustainable real estate development provides a reliable platform for the next investor evolution.

These practices are part of the “Green” real estate projects or “greenhabbing”. They are developed to significantly reduce the carbon footprint around homes and other similar structures to help the planet. The sustainable practices for both residential and commercial markets include environmentally friendly features such as water conservation, energy efficiency, and alternative sources of energy from the sun and wind.


Real estate investment can produce long-lasting rewards. It provides a sustainable way to create wealth and a strong foundation for a stable retirement. This type of investment is essential for you if you are looking forward to securing your financial future.

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