Is Carrying a Backup Gun Worth It?

Whether you live in an open or concealed carry state, exercising your constitutional right to carry a firearm in public comes along with profound responsibility.

You’re likely carrying as a measure of defense for yourself and those around you. But, what happens if your firearm fails? Will you have a plan b?

That’s where a backup gun comes in. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of carrying one!

Why Carry a Backup Gun?

It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever find yourself in a long shootout using multiple magazines of ammunition. So, why would you want to carry a second, or backup, firearm?

Small backup guns can come in handy during different circumstances. For example, in close quarters or during an event such as a mugging, a smaller and more compact backup gun might be easier to respond with.

During a major crisis such as a mass shooting, you’ll also have the power to arm a second individual. Even the tiniest of purse or mouse guns could tip the scales, saving lives and helping to control a violent situation until law enforcement officials arrive.

More Hassle Than It’s Worth?

It is highly unlikely that you will ever be forced to brandish a weapon, even if you carry it for years. And, it’s even more unlikely that you will ever need to use a backup gun.

Some people feel that carrying a second firearm isn’t worth the extra work, expense, and discomfort. After all, two weapons will require two separate holsters and two secure locations on the body.

You’ll also have to consider cleaning, storage, annual maintenance, ammunition, and all the added costs that come along with gun ownership.

The Best Backup Gun

Are you wondering about the best backup revolver or pistol for your personal protection needs? Think small and easy to use. Polymer 80 glock compatible lowers are ultra-light and made from quality weapons-grade polymer.

You’ll want a second firearm that is easy to conceal and carry and that won’t require extensive explanation or special skills in the field. For example, a cobra derringer. This firearm shoots 9mm ammunition rather than tiny “rodent caliber”, and with just two rounds ready to be fired, it’s an excellent option as your last line of defense.

Carrying a straightforward second weapon will also help you respond faster, should your first firearm fail due to mechanical issues or user error. And, it’s the best option for a “New York reload” – drawing a second reloaded weapon rather than reloading your first.

Should You Carry a Backup Gun?

Now that you know a bit more about the pros and cons of carrying a backup gun, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should start using a second form of personal protection. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it!

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