Is Coffee Good for Your Brain?


Is drinking coffee good for the brain? A 2018 study by the National Coffee Association USA said that 64 percent of American adults drink this beverage every day. Some medical experts suggest that coffee can have good effects for your brain if consumed moderately. It has the capacity to enhance your mood, learning, and attentiveness in the short-term. However, too much caffeine can lead to nervousness, heart palpitation and difficulty in sleeping. In other words, control remains the key.


Positive Effects on Mood

Scientific research revealed a “relationship” between mood and caffeine. How does this happen? The human body breaks down Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. This refers to a high-energy molecule required for continuous supply of energy. As your body functions, it releases the sleep-causing molecule called adenosine. Once it combines with the brain’s adenosine receptors, nerve cell activity becomes slow. This makes a person feel drowsiness. Now, caffeine comes in which nerve cells recognize as an adenosine. When the caffeine connects to receptors, it obstructs adenosine and performs the opposite of sleepiness. It arouses or excites your mood. Then, you become more awake and energetic that is why many Americans drink more coffee . And make sure you find good coffee by following buying recommendations.


Boosts Thinking Skills

As a stimulant, drinking coffee has been described as capable of increasing an individual’s thinking capacity and attention. Related studies show that 200 up to 300 mgs of caffeine can help people think clearly. More than this dosage can cause confused thoughts and speech. One cup of strong coffee can increase your capability in doing mental tasks. These include solving problems and brainstorming. Researchers found out that coffee’s main ingredient has good results. Coffee can boost your problem-solving ability significantly. You can deal with difficulties quicker and more correctly. Caffeine fuels the central nervous system helping you to stay awake and more focused. In fact, the mere smell of coffee can improve your analytical skills.

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Improve Mental Performance

Coffee serves as a mild energizer to the brain. However, this would depend on the amount of intake. The caffeine augments mental performance particularly on concentration, paying attention and alertness. It can also improve memory if used at the time to absorb information and also at the time to remember information later. In other words, it enhances mental execution up to a certain point. Nevertheless, don’t expect coffee to act as a shortcut to performance upgrade. Besides, caffeine augments performance of one’s memory for wearisome as well as repetitive tasks. Nonetheless, over stimulation may adversely affect performance due to higher intake. Just be careful of getting addicted to coffee which might cause more harm than good.

Possibly Slow Down Alzheimer’s Disease

According to a study at Norfolk’s Old Dominion University in the United States, coffee may prevent inception of Alzheimer’s disease. It can lessen the amount of beta amyloid, a destructive protein in the brain up to 50 percent. The 2014 study made a new discovery. Adults who consumed over three cups of coffee each day were less likely to suffer from this medical condition. Previous research also found that the same dose could prevent the progress from mild mental impairment to dementia. Although positive effects have been published regarding coffee and brain health, coffee can also increase blood pressure and heart functions. This remains a common factor in heightening the risks of cardiac arrest and stroke. Then again, restraint is a key to coffee consumption.


Prevention of Parkinson’s Disease

The Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee or ISIC provided a report on regular drinking of coffee. Coffee can lower the risk of Parkinson’s disease, which is one of the neurodegenerative illnesses specifically among men. Based on estimates, around 10 million people globally are suffering from this disease. In the USA, more than 60, 000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s annually. Parkinson’s disease is also believed to have a negative impact on oral health and can complicate your dental treatment process if you plan to straighten your teeth with teeth aligners or use other dental services. 

There has been no known cure for this progressive and neurodegenerative condition. Modern treatment only helps manage the symptoms. On the other hand, coffee allegedly protects the brain against Parkinson’s disease. Numerous coffee compounds likely interact with body chemistry that slows progression. One specific compound is EHT or Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide. EHT refers to the serotonin derivative in the waxy covering of coffee beans. The compound is said to contain anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties.

Antidote for Fatigue

People drink coffee for various reasons. A frequently mentioned reason is to feel more revitalized and awake. Caffeine has become known to overcome feelings of lethargy. However, this energy boost will last only for a certain period before wearing off. Relatedly, coffee’s energizing effects suggest the connection between daily consumption of caffeine, daytime drowsiness and quality of sleep. Yet, sensitivity varies between persons. Therefore, modifying caffeine drinking anytime of the day may help enhance your sleeping patterns. Besides, caffeine effects on regular coffee consumers are less-pronounced compared to intermittent and non-coffee drinkers.


Drink Coffee or Not?

Should you drink or continue drinking this beverage? If you want to check out easy coffee recipes you can get check best here on perfectbrew.

Going back, coffee can help brain functions if you drink the beverage in moderation. Given the abundance of studies, many of these are observational or experimental. Although conducted by experts, these cannot prove cause and effect. One study will recommend coffee as good for the brain. Another study will dispute this claim. People have varied reactions to caffeine. But kids, pregnant women and those with chronic ailments are advised to avoid coffee. That being the case, consult your doctor if you have doubts regarding its health effects.






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