Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing for a Newcomer in 2021?

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Destiny 2 is a game released in 2017 and is already the second installment revealing this universe. Even the first released game was able to win a large circle of the audience with the story and classic genre, in which you need to pump your character, go through the storyline and look for different items. Surprisingly a lot of players can spend hours and even whole days on this kind of game, but they are interested not only in pumping but also the story and graphics. In Destiny, all the details are really beautifully designed, in this respect the game definitely does not disappoint you. It is a great pleasure to watch the actions, but of course, you will need a certain level of PC to enjoy the game, otherwise, the reflections and constant explosions will make you feel uncomfortable. The game is colorful and rich with good detail and the surrounding nature, you can give a big plus for this important detail. The game also has a light, but well-chosen plot that can attract the player.


In the first part, to figure out what’s what, it was necessary to work hard and reveal all the moments. In the second, however, we did something easier, you’ll be told about what’s going on around you, and you’ll be the basis of the plot. All the other details you’ll understand as you go through your line as it should be. If you like the action going on, you can go to the game’s official website and go deeper into the details. In addition, there are many fans who never tire of giving out new theories and practically live in this game. Therefore, you will be able to find a lot of surprising things for yourself.

The plot is clear and simple. This is a kind of parallel universe, where some people have a “magical” power, the source of which is Light, so the power is called. Basically, those who have the light are the Guardians, who guard the Earth. But in the game, understandably, things happen so that people are again in danger. The Earth is under attack. The powerful villain Dominus Gowla appears and takes away the light and basic combat resources. His Red Army comes to power. So Earth’s last safe city has fallen and has been stripped of both its defenders and all weapons. The only hope will be the surviving Sentinels, who will try with all their might to regain their strength and protect the city.

You will play as just such a Guardian. You will have a grain of power, which you will need to develop and learn how to manage it. Also, you will be given missions and quests, during which you can learn more about the universe and get a new arsenal. The game relies heavily on weapons as you are a fighter, the game takes place not only in the pumping genre but also in a shooter where you will see from the first person.

The story and genre are designed so that you can move forward through the game with interest, enjoy the storyline and pump up your Persian. There is also a multiplayer mode. Basically, all other modes are designed for multiple players, but even if you can’t find your own company, you can play with randomly chosen players. It is very convenient. The good thing is that the game is varied, and even after you have passed the main part, you will be able to continue playing it.

How to Choose Equipment

As with any other shooter, weapons and equipment in the Destiny universe play a key role. To begin with, we should talk about weapons, of which there are 3 types in the game.

The first type of weapon is the kinetic one. These weapons will be used by the player most of the time. Pistols, assault rifles, submachine guns, and revolvers – it’s all kinetic, and it shows its worth in PvP and PvE battles.

Important: The main feature of kinetic weapons lies in the enormous damage dealt with the opponents.

The second type of weapon in Destiny 2 is the energy weapon. It is similar to the kinetic one, however, unlike it, it deals elemental damage by lightning, sun, or void. Weapon ammo is often dropped from enemies, so players won’t have any problems finding it.

Energy weapons are particularly effective in PvE battles, as they allow for the removal of energy shields from many enemies. In PvP with these guns it is not worth getting involved, because this choice will not be justified.

The third and last type of weapon in the game is a powerful weapon. These weapons are capable of destroying opponents with a single blow, which is particularly useful in PvP arenas. Such ammunition includes flares, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, and even swords. In PvE mode, they are used exclusively for destroying bosses, inflicting elemental damage, and rapidly depriving the enemy of his health reserves.

Weapons in Destiny 2 have a “quality” parameter — the higher it is, the rarer the weapon is considered to be. For example, white is for common weapons, and gold is for exotic ones like Destiny 2 vex mythoclast.

Note! The chance that more rare weapons are getting out will be higher if the player performs complex tasks of a high level.

Also, the weapons in the game can be improved. This is done by transferring power from one thing to another, and this process requires special currency – details or stamps.

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