Is skip tracing legal?


Skipping tracing seems like a pretty big deal, doesn’t it? This term sounds like a technical one. And you may have heard bounty hunters or private detectives throwing him on TV. However, skip tracing is useful for more than just tracing down fugitives. Missing tracing can be useful for innocuous things, like finding a high school friend you’ve lost touch with. Or, you can save money yourself if you need to hire a private investigator or data processing service for something more serious, like finding a missing person. Either way, you might find the skip tracing useful. Otherwise you might require hiring someone to do it for you. Here, we’ll cover the basics to help you make a decision.

What is skip tracing?

First, there is a basic definition of skip tracing: skip tracing is the process of using the information you have about someone to determine their current location. The first name “skip trace” comes from the term “skip city”. It is said that the one who fell out of the net “left the city”. What you’ve seen on TV about bounty hunters and private detectives is partly true. Bounty hunters and private detectives conduct rounds to find people. However, the fact that you do not know where the person is does not mean that he is trying to hide from you. Sometimes people just move and forget to tell everyone they are moving. Maybe they are going on a long journey. In any case, there are many reasons why people other than bounty hunters or private detectives might want to skip tracing.

Here are some examples from other professional who have used skip tracing:

  • Real estate agency.
  • Marketing departments and agencies.
  • Missing children’s organizations.
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation.
  • Re-ownership of companies.
  • Collection agencies.
  • Organizers of the meeting of school graduates.
  • Employment and tenant verification services.

Is it legal to skip tracing?

It is legal to skip tracing in the US. As long as you do not violate the laws to obtain information (for example, illegally accessing private documents or using violence to obtain information from someone), there is no law prohibiting the use of what you know to find out the whereabouts of someone. However, your state or your business may have laws that govern how you can use your knowledge of a person’s whereabouts. For example, if you work in the debt collection business, it is forbidden to mislead or lie about your intentions when dealing with debtors.

So debt collectors can find people. But you must honestly tell them why you are contacting them if this is the case. Check your local business laws and regulations so you don’t cross the line when you discover where someone is. Now let’s get to the point of skipping a trace.

How to perform a skip trace

Tracing gaps is more of a process than a one-off activity. There are several steps. However, the process is pretty straightforward. This is how it works:

Make sure the person is alive

It might be a little dark, but one of the reasons people lose contact is because they’ve died. So the first step is to make sure you are looking for a living person. To do this, you need to check the death records. Fortunately, there is a tool that checks death records.

Check standard telephone directories

The most basic sources of information are the yellow and white pages. Searching these directories is free. Searching the phone book is the first place to start skipping tracing. This search may not find any direct matches. Most mobile phone numbers are not listed on the yellow and white pages. And more and more people do without landlines altogether. So free reverse phone lookups can be unstable. However, you may be lucky to find something. Or you can set up a relative or roommate. This is good information when you are trying to find someone.

Do basic internets search?

This technique can be unproductive if you have very incomplete information. If you only have a phone number or email address, there is not many that search engines can find. But a search on the internet can give some correct results if you’ve created a good profile for the job. With a little information, you can start connecting the dots and be successful.

Search on social networks

The first thing to know about social media searches is that an account is usually required to get meaningful results. You will get extremely limited information if you search without logging into a valid account. Social media searches can be very effective if you have the right information. Since social media accounts require an email address, you’ll usually get a good match if you have an email address to search for.

Batch skip Tracing

Batch Skip Tracing is most common for real estate wholesalers and businesses that need specific contact information for a large number of people. Think of it as collecting minimum viable contact information for your business requirements. For example: Batch tracing with a skip for real estate typically engage using a name and address to get a phone number. This creates a list of phones to contact. Batch skip tracing can also build reliable mailing lists and mailing lists.

The best way to trace a batch skip is to use the Batch Add Service. Batch ads will provide you with the information you need to connect with people. Packet Skip Tracing is great if you need to establish contact through a specific channel. However, false positives are possible. Sometimes mass skip tracing does not provide the information you want. Sometimes you need to hire a professional.


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