Is the Chinese glass bong good?

Is the Chinese glass bong good

There are tons of smoking devices and smoking accessories on the market. Among the long list of smoking accessories, almost every smoker likely possesses bongs or pipes. If you are a pipe smoker or bong to get your hit, you know how exhilarating it is to smoke using bongs.

Bongs are the only smoking device that dates back centuries ago in Chinese ancestry besides Hukkahs and hand pipes. Bong as a smoking device allows the filtered smoke to pass through cool water before reaching your mouth for a clean hit. Using bongs for smoking is easier and non-complicated than rolling joints for immediate impacts. The feeling of a strong hit via bong is the ultimate sensational and pure.

Now, bongs are made of different materials. And each of them has particular distinct uses and benefits. These standard materials are plastic, ceramic, glass, acrylic, and silicone. It depends on the user’s preference on what type of bong they want to purchase and use. But, if you ask me, I would strongly recommend using the Chinese glass bongs. Glass bongs are a versatile smoking device and provide the user with a better smoking feel.

If you want to have the best experience out of smoking, glass bongs are the top on the list of a variety of smoking devices. Glass bongs have the smoothest smoke out of all the bongs made of different materials. While many people perceive glass bongs as exquisite and pricey smoking items, it is not always true.

Yes, it is indeed true that Chinese glass bongs explore the possibility of replicating ancient history with the design and structure of bongs. While that is the main reason for the high costs of intricate design glass bongs, in the end, it is just a bong, a smoking device. The manufacture of almost every glass bong has the same procedure and structure. So, even with the most simplistic and ordinary-looking glass bong with no fancy features, you will get the classy feel of smoking using bongs.

Glass is generally considered the most fragile material for making any item. But that is also the reason why people look for glass items to purchase, even if they are expensive. As exquisite Chinese glass bongs are the perfect smoking device to use as a decorative item at home, you cannot deny the significance of their benefits and versatility while smoking.

For a fact, Chinese glass bongs are usually made of different types of glass. The best and highest quality glass that bongs are made of is super-thick and hard borosilicate glass. This glass type is highly durable and can withstand falls so that ordinary glasses cannot even stand for once. Glass bongs are the true connoisseur in the smoking world.

How to pick the perfect Chinese glass bong

As stated, glass bongs are the best and most popular type of bong in the market, both online and offline, due to their potent and clean hits. If you are looking to purchase a glass bong, confirm the type of glass used to make the bong. If it is borosilicate glass, you can make a good glass bong purchase worry-free.

Most of the glass bongs you find in the market are made out of borosilicate glass due to its popularity and quality usage. They are perfect for solid hits as they are thermal shock resistant, balances temperature, and highly durable. What makes glass bongs unique from other material glass bongs is their unprecedented versatility. The manufacturers can get as creative as they can while making glass bongs. There are ample scopes with glass bongs to add distinct features like ash catcher, percolators, multi-water chambers, downstems, and even splash guard. On a whole note, purchasing a glass bong is worth the money for a quality smoking experience.

Glass bongs are versatile enough and can be molded into different textures, forms, and shapes. The unique properties of glass make glass bongs the perfect smoking device. Moreover, most glass bongs in China are produced using glass-blowing techniques making the craft unique. Cannabis enthusiasts and smoking lovers usually get the best quality glass bongs for a fantastic experience.

If you are a beginner with bongs, then glass bongs are the fundamental choice for a smoking device. The thing you should care about is its fall and breaking.

Glass bongs have a wide range of varieties. There is Scientific Glass Bongs to Mini Glass Bongs with different perks. When it comes to glass bongs, maintenance is a necessity. But, all in all, glass bongs offer a distinctive feel to the user in terms of touch, taste, smell, sound, sight, and ergonomics.

And mind that, expensive glass bongs are long-lasting with proper care.

All that being said, in the end, you have the right to make your own choice, and it comes down to such sensitive aspects of buying a smoking device and a bong at that.

Written by Enaa Mari

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