Japanese Government Rewards Local Authorities With NFTs

Japan is situated in Eastern Asia. It is one of the 20 most populous nations around the world. Japan’s economy ranks fourth in purchasing power equivalency. And it comes third in nominal GDP.  Tokyo serves as the nation’s capital. And about crypto and blockchain, bitcoin has a sizable following in Japan. Lawmakers in the nation have recognized Bitcoin as a legal form of payment. Check out these Bitcoin and cryptocurrency statistics that will astound you.

Many crypto exchanges are located in Japan. The government has legal requirements for specific sectors. The sectors that make the environment more beneficial for approved crypto-asset firms. The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. Very little is known about his identity. Yet, there is speculation that he is Japanese.

The Japanese administration is among the first governments to distribute NFTs. Resources say. They distributed NFTs to local governments that triumphed in digital competition. It was an extra prize. Local governments received the honors.  It was to praise them for their hard work. They incorporated modern technology to address local issues.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are crypto holdings across a blockchain. They are different from one another. Their distinction can be made by identifying metadata and codes. They can’t be bought or exchanged for equal amounts like cryptocurrencies can. They are interchangeable and can thus be used as a means for buiness transactions.

The ERC-721 norm was the origin of NFTs. The ERC-721 is a cryptographic protocol standard. The individuals who created the ERC-20 cryptographic protocol also created ERC-721. It outlines the minimal interface ownership information, safety, and metadata. All these are important for the trading and circulation of gaming coins.

Cryptocurrencies are capable of trading or swapping for one another. They are like traditional currency. Because of their fungibility, cryptocurrencies are a good choice. They make a safe medium of exchange in the modern economy.

The alteration of the crypto concept happened due to NFTs. This is because each token is distinct and unreplicable. This makes it impossible for two NFTs to be similar. NFTs are also extendable. They allow you to “create” a third, different NFT by combining two of them.

Japan Distributing NFTs

The Japanese administration is the first to distribute NFTs. It was an extra reward for local authorities. They showed excellence in adopting digital technology to address local problems.

The “Summer Digi Denkoshien 2022” is an event. The presentation of honors happened at the event by the Cabinet Secretariat. It is a government organization run by the country’s Senior Cabinet Secretary. The chief Cabinet Secretary is Hirokazu Matsuno. Fumio Kishida, the nation’s prime minister, also attended the event. A report in Coinpost started.

The government honored seven mayors for the initiatives they took in their cities. They promoted the modern economy. They included the governor of Sakata, which is in Yamagata Prefecture. His government advocated the use of electric automobiles for local delivery. Maebashi of the Gunma District was also awarded an NFT Award. They made a system. It makes use of mobile device cameras to show the change in traffic situations in actual time.

4 companies sponsored the event. They were Bitflyer Holdings, Indiesquare, Tomonari Kogei, and Tree Digital Studio. They provided financial help for this year’s award presentation. A report by Coinpost stated.

The distribution and issue of NFTs happened using Indiesquare’s inexpensive blockchain technology. That is the Hazama Base. The creation of tokens happened on the Ether platform. Even though the research claims that NFTs employed the POAP technology. These tokens are not transferable. But they are simple to use for authentication and remembrance.


The government of Japan is popular for being pro-technology and progressive. It has regulated cryptocurrencies as a trading instrument. The nation’s prime leader has already expressed interest in using NFTs. As a result, the recent government initiative can continue as a tradition. NFTs were very popular during the height of the price surge.

But, since the crypto sector has experienced a fall, so has consumer interest in NFTs. The government of Japan is making efforts. They are trying to spotlight the use of emerging technology. This goes beyond market boundaries. Due to this, they are facing criticism from pundits who have dismissed NFTs. They boycotted NFTs as a market surge fueled the craze

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