A Guide to the Best Knife Display Cases of 2023

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There’s a good chance you don’t love knives as much as Luis Bernardo loves knives. He’s been collecting knives for 50 years now and has put together a massive collection of knives during that time.

Guinness World Records recognized the California native as having the largest knife collection on the planet. It consists of almost 2,200 knives in total.

You might not ever be able to match Bernardo’s collection of knives. But you likely have at least a few knives in your knife collection you’re proud to own. You should stick them in the best knife display cases for safekeeping.

A great knife case will keep your knives in excellent condition by keeping dirt, dust, and other debris away from them. Knife displays will also give you an opportunity to show off some of your knives to those interested in checking them out.

So, which knife display options should you consider for displaying your knives? There are a few things that all the best knife display cases will have in common in 2023. Learn about them below.

High-Quality Materials

There are, unfortunately, some knife display cases that are made out of low-quality materials that won’t last for very long. If you buy a knife case like this, it’s going to drag down the appearance of your best-looking knives.

Most of the best knife display cases will be constructed out of high-quality wood that will make them look amazing and last for a long time. They’ll also have glass or plexiglass on them that’ll make it possible for you to showcase your best knives with ease.

It would be well worth splurging on a knife display case that has high-quality materials versus skimping on one that might fall apart on you within just a few years. You’ll be glad you did when you see just how long you’re able to keep it around.

Plenty of Space

Your knife collection might not consist of 2,000-plus knives like Luis Bernardo’s knife collection. But there’s a decent chance that you have at least a couple dozen knives in your collection.

With this in mind, you’re going to need to invest in a great knife case that’ll provide you with more than enough space to house them all. You don’t want to have to leave half your knife collection at home when you bring your case out into the world to show other people your collection.

The best knife display cases will have several spots on top for you to showcase your best knives. They’ll also have at least one drawer that you can use to keep any other knives or knife accessories that you’d like to put in them.

You should think about how many knives you’d like to put into a knife case before buying it. It’ll help you land on a knife display case that will be large enough to fit all the knives you want to store inside it.

Easily Accessible

If you live in a home with kids, you might want to explore the idea of buying one of the many knife display cases that come with locks on them. This will be your best bet since it’ll help keep your kids safe if they ever try to get access to your knife case.

Otherwise, you might not want to have to worry about purchasing a knife case with a lock on it. Instead, you’ll want to look for one that’s going to be easily accessible to you so that you can put knives into it and pull them back out with ease.

It’ll be especially important for you to buy a knife case like this if you’re planning to attend knife shows in the future. This type of case will help you avoid having to struggle with your case when you’re trying to get knives out of it.

Excellent Portability

You want a knife display case to have at least a little bit of heft to it. It’ll help you steer clear of ever accidentally knocking it over and breaking it.

But at the same time, you don’t want a knife case to be so heavy that you have a tough time carrying it around. This will make it very challenging to get your knife collection to a knife show. It’ll also make it more difficult than it should be to do something as simple as carry it down a flight of steps.

A great knife case will provide you with the portability you need from it. It’ll enable you to get it to wherever it might need to go without any issues.

Affordable Price

Maybe above all else, you’ll want to look high and low for a knife display case that isn’t going to break the bank. It’ll leave you with more than enough money to spend on more knives for your collection.

There isn’t anything wrong with spending a couple hundred dollars on a knife case. But you shouldn’t have to spend a small fortune on one to get access to all the great features found here.

Buy One of the Best Knife Display Cases Now

The best knife display cases of 2023 will do so much more than just showcase your knife collection. They’ll also provide your knife collection with protection and help you transport your collection from point A to point B without any problems.

Now that you know what knife display cases should bring to the table, you should start shopping around for one. You’ll be able to find at least a few options that will check all the right boxes for you.

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