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live streaming

Although there are a number of different apps for live streaming and watching videos, but the most important among all are given below:

  1. Fluffy
  2. LiveMe
  3. Mirrativ
  4. Uplive
  5. DokiDoki Live
  6. Hakuna Live
  7. Nico Nico Live Broadcasting
  8. LIVE812

1. Fluffy

Like TwitCasting, Fuwacchi, which has about 220,000 users, is a pioneer in live distribution apps. Therefore, there are many rivers in their 30s and 40s, and the listeners are also a little older. Many deliveries have a calm atmosphere.

There are “frame function” and “facial filter” functions that allow you to color the distribution screen with your favorite frames, so you can enjoy the distribution more gorgeously. Read more about how to make selfies with dorian rossini.

Including items received from listeners, points will be generated for rivers by being ranked high in the rankings that are regularly aggregated such as daily and monthly, and 1 point = 1 yen can be redeemed.

2. LiveMe

It is an app that originated in the United States and has exceeded 100 million downloads worldwide. Expanded in 85 countries and regions around the world, mainly in Asia such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan. There are many celebrity rivers such as popular idol groups, cosplayers, and actors,  and many overseas users also use it.

By using the “social function”, you can play games one-on-one with users all over the world, and it is an application that you can enjoy like an online game in addition to distribution. Ocean of movies is one of many best website that provides you to watch dramas, shows and movies.

Livers can receive “diamonds” from listeners and exchange the accumulated diamonds for cash or “coins” that can be used for items.

3. Mirrativ

Among the live distribution apps, “Mirrativ” can be said to be “specialized in game distribution” with over 9 million users. Since game distribution is the main focus, users in their 20s account for the highest percentage.

The characteristic function is “Emomo” which is a 3D avatar function. You can make detailed settings for each part such as eyes and hairstyle, and you can enjoy distribution as a virtual character. It is a perfect function for people who want to deliver without showing their true face.

Rewards to rivers are generated by receiving “orbs” depending on the number of views and the number of “gifts” from listeners, and by participating in events sponsored by Mirrativ, you can receive gift cards.

It may be said that this app is more suitable for people who want to enjoy games than people who want to earn money from distribution.

4. Uplive

“Uplive” from China is a global app that boasts more than 100 million users worldwide. It’s just an app that expands to the world, and it has a lot of functions that support you even if you don’t speak a foreign language, such as a voice / character translation function that can be used during distribution. In addition to live streaming, you can also post short movies posted on “TikTok” etc. as they are.

You can get rewards by cashing the items received from listeners, participating in events, and “diamonds” accumulated through mini games. Especially, it can be said that this app is suitable for people who want to interact with people from overseas.

5. DokiDoki Live

“Doki Doki Live”, which has more than 3 million users, is an app that is gaining popularity mainly among young women. Since the operator operates a scoring karaoke app called “Pokekara”, it specializes in karaoke functions. Perfect for those who want to distribute songs.

Doki Doki Live”, which has more than 3 million users, is music challenging app that is gaining popularity mainly among young women. Since the operator operates a scoring karaoke app called “Pokekara”, it specializes in karaoke functions. Perfect for those who want to distribute songs.

There are two ways to get rewards: “items” received from listeners and “time rewards” according to the delivery time. Rewards vary depending on the rank of the river. You can also go live and watch videos on Oreo TV for PC. You can even download videos by using this app.

6. Hakuna Live

The Japanese app “Hakuna Live” has exceeded 5 million downloads in Japan and overseas, mainly for users in their teens and 30s.

A major feature is that there are many rivers who perform “radio distribution” only by voice, not by appearance. Of course, it is also possible to deliver by face-to-face.

As for the rewards of the rivers, the “gifts” received from the listeners will be accumulated as “stars”. The accumulated stars can be exchanged for cash for 1 star = about 0.84 yen. It’s more suitable for people who want to relax and enjoy the distribution at their own pace, rather than wanting to become popular immediately.

7. Nico Nico Live Broadcasting

Usually called “Nico Nama”, it is a “long-established store” that many people know even in live streaming. The number of monthly members has exceeded 1 million, and most users are in their 20s and 30s.

The characteristic is that when a listener makes a comment during the distribution of a river, the comment flows on the screen. It is fun to create one “program” on both sides.

In order to get rewards for Nico Nico Live, you need to “pay” the distribution, and you can choose from two methods, “monthly system” and “on-the-fly system”. You can also redeem paid “gifts” from listeners.

8. LIVE812

The distribution app “LIVE812” started in 2020. Currently, the number of downloads exceeds 10,000 and it is used by users of a wide range of ages.


The most distinctive function is “live commerce (live video mail order function)”. You can sell your own products and goods during the live stream, so you can enjoy the stream in a way you have never seen before.

However, if you want to distribute with “LIVE812”, you have to make a talent contract with a management company called “YAIZOO Co., Ltd.” Rewards include sales from “live commerce” and “gifts” from listeners. 

Find the app that suits you and enjoy the world of live streaming

This time, we picked up popular livestreaming apps and investigated the features of users and functions, and how to monetize them. Now is the time to become a popular person with just one smartphone. Whether you want to challenge yourself as a river or enjoy the distribution as a listener, please try to find an app that suits you. Here is a simple guide to live streaming. comment faire des selfies avec dorian rossini.

If you want to start live streaming, go to “Beaver”

If you want to try live streaming, you can also belong to an office where you can get support for increasing rewards and streaming. If you have a dream of “I want to play an active role as a river” or “I want to become more famous”, why not consider the option of being a river belonging to the office.



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