Local and Global SEO: What Everybody Ought to Know

Local and Global SEO

Are you struggling to get the exposure your company needs in Minneapolis? Being the second-largest economy in the Midwest, Minneapolis has one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the country. There are even some Fortune 500 corporations that have headquarters in the metropolitan area alone. It is a difficult market economy to break into, especially if you are a small business, so you need to find a Minneapolis-based SEO company to employ a strategy that will work for you.

You may think that SEO tactics only apply to the larger global market. Everyone has access to the internet, after all, right? However, you would be surprised how specific you can get based on the location of your business. You can narrow your target audience to the actual local market your services and products are available in. Here are a few differences between a local and a global SEO strategy:

Local SEO

Local SEO is a marketing tactic used to target your specific location where your products and services are available. It builds upon the keyword placement and the keyword itself. Contents are uploaded on location-based platforms such as local listings, Google Places, reviews, and the like, making your page accessible whenever someone searches for a specific location like Minneapolis.

In order to make it easier to understand, certain keywords are strategically chosen based on the searches consumers make in Minneapolis. Extensive research is conducted to gather such information. The chosen keyword could be paired with the specific location to narrow down searches as well. It will then be uploaded on these location-based platforms to tap into consumers looking for certain services or products available within Minneapolis or any other area your company is located in.

Global SEO

On the other hand, global SEO tactics are purposefully made broad to reach a larger audience. If your company provides international shipping, take advantage of the online global market by using global SEO strategies. The location will not matter in this campaign because the main goal is to get on top of the search engines for higher web traffic.

Instead of focusing on a specific location, the selected keywords are chosen based on the overall data provided in search engines. Although it may seem easier to tap into since there is such a large market, it can also be tough to stand out as you will have more competition. Search one certain keyword, and you will be bombarded with hundreds or even thousands of company websites in the same industry. You will need to have a working strategy in place to break into the top ranks.

Learning the difference between local and global SEO campaigns can further help you tap into the market you want to reach. Why implement a global SEO campaign when you only provide services in a specific location? It will narrow down the searches, and potential clients have a better chance of finding your company’s website even if it is not at the very top rank of the first page of online search engines. To reach Minneapolis clients, find the best Minneapolis-based SEO company to apply a local SEO campaign for your company.

Written by Addison Taylor

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