Love travel? These jobs are made for you!

Love Travel? These Jobs Are Made For You! 

Love to travel or travel to work? What will you choose from the two? Do we assume it is the former, or is it the latter? Are you confused? What if we say you can have both! Oh yes, it’s not an April fool’s joke, but you can actually do an online job that brings you the love of your life – traveling! And of course, there are going to be good bucks as perks too, don’t worry! Are you wondering how this is possible? Wait and watch! 

Ø  Jobs that let you work and travel simultaneously!  

Most of you stay trapped in your office cabins working from nine to five for a monotonous job. How often do you wish that you would have pursued the hobby you loved the most and traveled across the world? Well, they say it is never too late to follow your dreams and live your life to the fullest. So, if you are keen to know about this in detail, read about the jobs that let you travel and earn at the same time.

o    A flight attendant, pilot, or air hostess –— A job related to airlines suits you the most as it let you travel more frequently. You can either qualify as an air hostess or a flight attendant. Take up a professional pilot program via Hillsboro Aero Academy and get trained in handling the airplanes. They have produced some great pilots because of their various training programs and courses. When you enroll for this training, you will land up in a career that takes you to the furthest corners of the world, and that too through the most comfortable mode of transportation. 

o    Cruise worker –Just as the airplane takes you places, even the cruise does the same. The main differences are the medium of traveling and the time taken for the journey. 

o    Officer in Foreign Service – If you have a good command of English and other global languages and are educated and confident enough to represent your country at various places, you can get a placement in the foreign service. This job definitely pays you very well, and you get tremendous opportunities to travel across the world and collaborate with people from other nationalities. 

o    Event organizer – Basically, the job of an event organizer is to work hard in planning the most sensational meetups, events, parties, and such social or professional functions. But this job becomes your passport when you become a specialist in organizing events at various places. Like, you can plan destination weddings for the couples seeking marriages at other locations and get to explore the fascinating places on the Earth with them.

o    A journalist or writer – You can easily get a chance to travel the world if you choose mass media and telecommunications in your university. The news mediums and magazines today want to cover everything that is happening and trending across the globe. And when you take up a job here, you get a chance to visit places and write about those incidents. Similarly, being a writer has its sets of perks if your sponsor wants you to have a first-hand experience of the situation before you jot it down in the book. So, they will pay you for the tour, and you get to enjoy the journey plus write more realistically on the topic.

o    Archaeologist – Your job as an archaeologist will be to conduct excavations that reveal stories from ancient times. The sites are often selected and recommended by the officials. So, you never know when you will have to go for a surprise visit to a new country or city and spend months there. 

 Now, evaluate your preferences and think which would suit you best. Or perhaps which one matches your education qualification the most. However, if you are desperate to join another field and are even ready to take some courses to brush up your skills, that is welcome as well. You can fuel your wanderlust even as tour managers, vacation guides, trekking trainers, travel photographers, bloggers, and so many more such wonderful, exciting, and interesting professions.

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