Major Signs Your Car is a Lemon

Major Signs Your Car is a Lemon

You’ve recently bought a car that looks fine and is great to drive, isn’t it? But after driving around for a few days it has now started showing some problems. Have you been to the mechanic and gone through all kinds of repairs yet the troubles are back and something doesn’t quite feel right? There is a high possibility that the car you purchased is a lemon.

Almost 1% of all newly manufactured cars turn out to be lemons. The automobile industry runs in trillions, so you can imagine this 1% to be a good number. Therefore, lemon laws exist as a system of redressal for people who may have bought cars and vehicles that don’t meet quality standards and performance measures. 

If you suspect this might be the case with your purchase, you can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer and be paid for all the repairs of the defective product. But before you go to court, look for these signs to be sure your car is indeed a lemon and qualifies as one.

Major Signs Your Car is a Lemon

Let us go through the important signs you must look out for once your car starts showing signs that it may be a lemon:

Substantial defects

Substantial defects are serious safety defects that exist in the car, not occurring due to the owner’s use of the car, which may significantly impair the car’s value and use and even make it dangerous to drive around. Such defects can appear in important features and automotive stuff such as steering, brake system, internal to the engine or in airbags and seatbelts, etc. These defects should likely surface early on, and if they remain unfixed even after the attempted call for immediate measures. 

Manufacturing defects

Cars often come with minor and small manufacturing defects found in the interior and exterior of the car that usually don’t pose a big threat or cause for concern. However, if there are too many visible defects that cannot be ignored, that are causing recurrent issues, and costing you lots of money for repair, then you should consider hiring a California lemon law lawyer. More defects can be commonly found in the air cooling system or the shocker suspension of the car, which can cause a bumpy and uncomfortable ride and are often expensive to repair.

Frequent and recurring repairs

If any of the major minor issues are recurring, requiring frequent repairs, and are still never resolved, there should hardly be a doubt that the car is faulty. This is the time you should make use of the power of the internet and start typing best lemon law attorneys near me. 

When does your car qualify as a lemon?

As per the law, for a car to qualify as a lemon it must have:

  1. A major substantial defect that recently occurred within a certain period of time, usually within the warranty period or a certain number of miles since first use. 
  2. The car has undergone a reasonable number of repair attempts for the kind of defect, but the problem persists and remains unfixable.

If your car has turned out to be a lemon and you’re planning to go to court, it’s best to consult a California lemon law lawyer to guide you through the process. Securing a win against the manufacturer can be a little difficult as they usually have teams of lawyers to bolster their case. Hiring an attorney can actually increase your chances of securing a win against them and ensure a speedy redressal for your claims.

You can search for the best lemon law attorneys near me on google and you’ll find plenty of options. While selecting an attorney for your case, you should go for a reputed California lemon law lawyer who is experienced and well versed with the intricacies of the lemon law to increase your chances of winning.

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