All you need to know about Margot Robbie feet

All you need to know about Margot Robbie feet

Margot Robbie has been an internet sensation since the release of the famous movie ‘Barbie.’ The Barbie girl broke the internet with her looks in the film. The center of attention has been Margot Robbie feet; lately, she has been offered thousands of dollars for pictures of her feet. Margot said in an interview that she is flattered by the attention her feet have gotten. 

Margot’s feet have previously been in the spotlight in her previous movies like ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ While the majority of fans love her feet, few find them ugly, but Margot likes the attention her feet get every time. Answering the American model Chrissy Teigen’s tweet, she said, these are my actual feet, and it took eight takes to complete the iconic shot in the movie. 

How much money Margot Robbie was offered for pictures of her feet?

Margot Robbie’s feet became an online sensation after the close shots of her feet in the Barbie movie. A person named Liz sent an official letter to Margot saying that he earns millions of dollars selling pictures of feet on the online platform Fun with Feet.’ He offered that Fun with Feet is willing to pay you a whopping NZ$ 537,650. 


Liz also sent offers to Margot to co-star in the movie Ryan Gosling. The offers given to both the stars were big, but none of them replied to them. However, Margot said she doesn’t feel weird when people talk about her feet; instead, she likes it. Ryan Gosling popped a can of beer and toasted it, saying ‘to Margot’s feet.

Margot explains the iconic feet shot in Barbie.

Margot Robbie was asked several times about the iconic close shot of her feet in Barbie. She explained in an interview that she performed the scene, which took eight attempts to be perfect. She said she moved out of her heel and held on to a bar. She added that the double-sided tapes were used to keep the shoes still. She had a pedicure before the shot that lifted the beauty of her feet. The scene was shot with absolute perfection, and the credit goes to the director and Margot Robbie.

Movies in which the feet of Margot Robbie were highlighted

You’ll be surprised to know that Barbie is not the first movie in which the feet of Margot Robbie were shot. There are few movies before Barbie where her feet were highlighted, like in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street,’ where she raised her stiletto against the male character to stop him from advancing toward her. The next scene was in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ where she removed her white shoes and rested her dirty feet on the seat in front of her in the cinema. Once again, in ‘The Suicide Squad,’ she used her feet to lift the keys to escape prison. 

Do Margot Robbie feet deserve the attention?

Margot’s feet became headlines on the internet just after the release of the Barbie trailer, but are they actually beautiful, or is it just the hype? Well, it mostly depends on the viewer’s choice. There are a lot of people who love her feet and are ready to pay any cost to get their close-up pictures. Her feet were ugly and dirty in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood but smooth and silky in Barbie. In actuality, she has nice feet, and she carries them well, too. The close shots taken at multiple events prove that her feet deserve attention.

How do you get feet like Barbie?

If you are wondering how you can get feet like Barbie, you can get it with simple techniques. Firstly, avoid wearing shoes for a long time and walk barefoot at home. The shoes give extra comfort, which diminishes the natural beauty of your feet. You need to stimulate your foot muscles in the arch so they don’t collapse and lose their beauty. Secondly, try scrunching up a towel with your feet and perform a few reps until your feet are tired. You can also massage the arch for better results. Consistently doing these exercises will give you smooth and delicate feet like Margot Robbie (The Barbie). 

Does Margot Robbie post pictures of her feet on social media?

Margot has appeared in several iconic movies and is hugely popular in Hollywood. Her fame reached new heights after her appearance in Barbie; the most noticeable thing was her feet. She has a huge fan following on social media, with 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 10 million on Facebook. Her fans love to watch her, especially her feet, but to their dismay, she doesn’t post pictures of her feet on social media. She likes the attention and knows people are obsessed with her feet but avoids posting them on her social media accounts. 


How much Margot Robbie was paid for Barbie? 

According to reports, Margot Robbie’s salary in Barbie was $12.5 million. The huge contract made her the highest-paid actress in 2022. 

Does Margot Robbie sell the pictures of her feet? 

Margot Robbie is well-known for her iconic feet scene in Barbie, and fans are obsessed with it, but she doesn’t sell the pictures of her feet, although she was offered an enormous amount. 

How old is Margot Robbie in Barbie? 

Margot Robbie was 33 years old in Barbie, but how she outshined her character was commendable. 

Final Say

Margot Robbie touched the heights of fame after Barbie. Her iconic feet scene in the movie made her a global sensation in no time. Margot Robbie feet have been in the talks after the movie’s release. She came to know fans’ obsession with her feet when she googled her name for the first time, and the top news was her feet. She doesn’t find this weird and said she likes this attention. 

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