Mats and their importance

Mats and their importance

One of the things to be found in most homes is the mat. The mat or floor mat as it is commonly referred to, is a floor covering that serves various purposes. Mats are important to keep your home clean and free of dirt that comes in from outside. WaterHog mats are entry mats that you can place at the entrance of your home, room, or office. Not only does it keep the place clean but it also looks good and complements the overall appearance of the area. The blog tells you all about mats and why it is important to get the best mat for your home or office.

About Mats

The word mat comes from matting that refers to floor covering. Matting was usually made from coir (derived from coconut fiber). They were also made from jute and other materials. The matting was used to cover the floor as well as to cover furniture. It has been also used as a screen. The earliest mats were found in the 19th century. They were used mainly to cover the flooring.

The entryway or entry mats are placed at the entrance of the home to ensure dirt does not enter the home. Similarly, bathroom mats ensure water can be wiped from the feet so that the rest of the home does not become wet. Passage mats are larger mats that cover an entire passage. Apart from covering the floor, they also act as interior décor items.

Rubber mats came into vogue during the 20th century. These mats were water-proof and most importantly were slip-proof. While wiping the feet, there is a possibility of the mat slipping on the polished floor. This can lead to the risk of a fall, which can be extremely dangerous for elderly people. Anti-slip mats don’t skid and are safer. There are now various types of mats made from different materials.

The importance of mats

The importance of mats can be seen from the fact that the simple mat serves many purposes. A look at the different uses of mats will help to understand their importance.

  • The primary function of mats is to keep out dirt, as in the case of a doormat or entry mat. Placed at the entrance, people can wipe their shoes over the mat so dirt does not enter the room.
  • It is used to complement the interior décor thanks to the different varieties, designs, and colors of mats available in the market.
  • Mats that cover the entire room helps to keep the room clean.
  • Anti-fatigue mats help in cushioning the feet preventing fatigue by insulating the feet.
  • Mats used in the bathroom are anti-slip mats that prevent accidental falls.

Mats are an essential part of our homes. Due to its various uses, it is important to invest on a good mat. Apart from homes, mats are also useful in offices and industrial establishments. Buying a good quality mat ensures it lasts long and serves its purpose well.

Written by Enaa Mari

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