Mixed Breed Dogs: Reasons you will Love them more than Purebreds

Mixed Breed Dogs

Planning to adopt a dog? Have you decided which is the best choice for you? If not then this article is the right guide for you. All you need to do is to keep two important breeds in mind when thinking to get a dog – mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs. If you think purebred dogs have an air of extra quality to them, then wait until you get to learn about mixed-breed dogs.

Considering certain qualities, every dog breed is unique with its own characteristics. Now, most people are always chirping about how good their purebred dog is but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other dogs on the list to choose from.

If you want a cheaper option but equally healthier, then mixed breed dogs are the choice of the year.

How mixed-breeds are giving purebreds a run for their money?

Undoubtedly the first choice is always a purebred dog as a pet due to their documented pedigree. They are The Studs! Their physical attributes take precedence over mixed breed dogs.

But what are mixed-breed dogs?

A cross-breed or mixed-breed dog is bred between two purebred dogs. Yes, it sounds just like a mule. One can say these are designer dogs. People get confused with both breed types. But now, mixed-breed dogs are equally charming and adorable, known mostly for their looks.

So what else is there that will make you fall in love with this breed? Take a look below.

Variety is the spice of life!

Purebred does not have the ultimate look that a mixed breed dog does. When you breed a purebred, every offspring for each purebred type will be unique in physical attributes. With a mixed breed, you can never guess what your pup will look like which makes choosing a pet even more exciting!

A number of possibilities in terms of coat color, body size, strength, endurance, and all other vital characteristics are indicators that mixed breed dogs are special. They have different looks and personalities than a purebred dog.

Cheaper is good

Dogs don’t come cheap if you buy them from a pet shop. The initial cost you pay is nothing compared to what’s coming next. You spend a lot on their grooming, eating, and veterinary care. You have to buy dog toys for them, take care of necessary dog care too and so on.

It’s like taking care of a baby all over again. Also check out selection of clothes for dachshunds from

But a mixed breed pooch is still comparatively a lot cheaper than a purebred. They are low maintenance. You just need to spend a fraction for these hybrid dogs .

Healthier is a lot better too

Did you know that mixed-breed dogs have better health? They have less chances of developing genetic health problems ( like hip dysplasia, cataracts and hypothyroidism) than purebred.

Mixed breed  also have low temperament and high level of intelligence which is often taken as a genetic benefit. Purebreds have a limited gene pool which means a lot of breeding can cause genetic disorders. This is not the case with cross breeds because they have a larger gene pool. Their behavioral issues are also a lot less than the pure breeds.

Average lifespan

Mixed Breed dogs outlive the lifespan than purebred. Because they are cross breeds, they inherit the best of genetics of the two breeds.

The fact is the health of a dog is often the foremost reason when a dog is picked. For instance Puggles have a lot more easier breathing than Pugs.

They have less health problems which means they have better chances of surviving than their counterparts.

Saving life

Animal shelters are home to lost and found, captured and abandoned mixed dog breeds. If you adopt a dog from animal shelters you are saving one paw life.

Animals suffer a lot at such shelters. They are caged. Not taken care of properly either. What’s better than saving a mixed breed dog and giving it a better life full of fun and comfort? Emotionally you feel satisfied.

Mixed breed dogs are friendlier and easy to tackle so perhaps, the most important thing to remember is that you will be giving them a loving life.

Take away

Humans have a strong bonding with animals. Dogs are one of the loyal pets one can ever imagine to have. Learn more about mixed breed dogs so that you are well aware of future expectations.


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