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Nestled in the heart of nature, Nandanvan Resort promises an unforgettable stay, combining luxury with pristine natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or a romantic getaway, this resort caters to all desires. But what makes Nandanvan the ideal destination?

Absolutely! We understand that pets are part of the family. Nandanvan Resort welcomes your furry friends, ensuring they also have a comfortable stay.

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Location. Bhalivali, After Crossing Tansa River Bridge and Connected Flyover Nh8, Taluka-Vasai, Thane, India, Maharashtra

+91 98908 87387

What are the room rates at Nandanvan Resort?

Experience luxury without breaking the bank. The room rates are competitive, varying with seasons and accommodation types. For exact pricing, it’s best to contact the resort directly or check their official website.

  1. may also find special offers or promotions being advertised.
  2. Call the Resort: You can call the resort’s reservation desk. Speaking directly with a resort representative will not only give you the room rates but also allow you to ask about any specials, packages, or promotions they might have.
  3. Booking Platforms: Use online booking platforms (like, Agoda, Expedia, etc.). These sites allow you to compare prices, read customer reviews, and see photos of the resort and its amenities. Sometimes, they offer exclusive deals or discounts.
  4. Travel Agencies: Consider contacting a travel agent. They often have access to exclusive deals or packages and can sometimes provide rates that are more competitive than those offered directly by the resort or on booking platforms.

How to make a reservation at Nandanvan Resort?

Your hassle-free booking is just a click away! Visit the Nandanvan Resort website or call their reservation desk. Early booking is advisable to secure your preferred dates.

  1. Official Website:
    • Visit the Nandanvan Resort’s official website.
    • Look for the reservation or booking section.
    • Select your check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests, and any other relevant details.
    • Choose from the available rooms or packages that meet your preferences and budget.
    • Fill in your personal information and any special requests.
    • Submit your reservation request, and you’ll likely receive a confirmation email with the details of your stay and the price.
  2. Phone Reservation:
    • Call Nandanvan Resort directly. The resort’s official website should list a reservation phone number.
    • Speak to a booking agent and provide your desired dates, room preferences, and any special requirements you may have (e.g., dietary restrictions, accessibility needs, etc.).
    • The booking agent will let you know about availability and pricing, and may also offer special packages.
    • If everything is to your satisfaction, you can book over the phone using a credit card.

What are the check-in and check-out times at Nandanvan Resort?

For the convenience of guests, the resort offers a standard check-in at 2 PM and check-out at 11 AM. Early or late arrangements can be accommodated upon request.

Are there any special packages for Nandanvan Resort?

Certainly! Nandanvan Resort offers various packages, including adventure, honeymoon, and wellness retreats. Seasonal and holiday specials are also available, providing something unique for every traveler.

  1. Honeymoon Package:
    • These are popular for couples looking for a romantic getaway. They might include special accommodations, complimentary wine or champagne, spa treatments for two, private dinners, or room decorations for newlyweds.
  2. Adventure Package:
    • For those seeking excitement, these packages might include guided tours, hiking excursions, water sports, or other outdoor activities, depending on the resort’s location and facilities.
  3. Wellness and Spa Package:
    • Ideal for guests seeking relaxation and rejuvenation. These packages could offer spa credits, massage sessions, fitness classes, healthy meals, and wellness workshops.
  4. Family Package:
    • Catering to guests with children, these might feature family-friendly room setups, complimentary meals for kids, access to child-centric activities or play areas, and family-oriented excursions.

What activities are available at Nandanvan Resort?

Endless adventure awaits! From hiking trails and water sports to cultural experiences, the resort ensures every moment is filled with exciting activities.

  1. Outdoor Adventures:
    • Hiking or guided nature walks, especially if the resort is near natural parks or trails.
    • Bird watching or wildlife spotting tours.
    • Water-based activities like swimming, kayaking, or fishing, provided there are suitable bodies of water nearby.
  2. Sports and Recreation:
    • Facilities for traditional sports like tennis, badminton, or volleyball.
    • Indoor games area with options like table tennis, pool tables, or board games.
    • Fitness classes or gym facilities for guests who want to keep up with their workout routines.
  3. Wellness and Relaxation:
    • Spa services offer treatments like massages, facials, or holistic therapies.
    • Yoga or meditation sessions, possibly in an outdoor setting to leverage natural surroundings.
  4. Cultural Experiences:
    • Local cultural tours or workshops (e.g., traditional cooking classes, art, or craft workshops).
    • Evening events featuring local dance or music performances.
  5. Kids’ Activities:
    • A dedicated kids’ club with various games and activities.
    • Educational experiences related to nature or local culture.

What are the top attractions near Nandanvan Resort?

Immerse yourself in the local culture and natural wonders. The resort is strategically located near various attractions, ensuring you have plenty to explore during your stay.

Can I book a honeymoon package at Nandanvan Resort?

Indeed, romance is in the air at Nandanvan Resort. Special honeymoon packages create the perfect setting for love to blossom, complete with intimate dinners, luxurious accommodations, and exclusive activities for two.

Is there a swimming pool at Nandanvan Resort?

Yes, guests can take a refreshing dip in the resort’s well-maintained, scenic swimming pool, ensuring a splash of fun during their stay.

  1. Check the Official Website: The fastest way to get accurate information is by visiting the Nandanvan Resort’s official website. Resorts usually list their amenities and facilities, and there would be mention of a swimming pool under their amenities section if one is available. Photos or a gallery on the website may also show the pool.
  2. Contact the Resort Directly: You can call or email the resort’s customer service. This direct line of communication allows you to ask about the swimming pool and possibly learn about other amenities. They could provide details like the size of the pool, whether there’s a separate pool for kids, the availability of poolside services, etc.
  3. Read Guest Reviews: Look at reviews from previous guests on travel platforms like TripAdvisor, Google Reviews,, or social media pages. Often, guests mention what they enjoyed about their stay, and they might talk about the swimming pool if it was a highlight.
  4. Use Booking Platforms: If you’re using online booking services, they usually list amenities clearly for each hotel or resort. Look for the amenities list in Nandanvan Resort’s profile on these platforms to confirm the presence of a swimming pool.

Are there any discounts for booking a longer stay at Nandanvan Resort?

Indeed! Stay more and save more. The resort offers attractive discounts for extended stays, allowing guests to unwind a little longer without financial worry.

What is the cancellation policy for Nandanvan Resort reservations?

Understanding that plans change, Nandanvan Resort offers a flexible cancellation policy. For detailed information, it’s recommended to review the terms provided during the booking process or contact the resort directly.

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