What to Know Before Making Your First NBA Prop Bet

College basketball may be complete now that March Madness is over, but you can still place your bets on the ball. 

NBA games continue through April and the playoffs last until June 2023. There are still plenty of games to place NBA prop bets on, even if you are new to betting. Before you start wagering with your money, however, there are a few things you’ll want to know.

Keep reading to discover how you can place the safest and best NBA player prop bets to win some money! 

NBA Prop Betting Doesn’t Involve the Spread

When most people think about fantasy sports and betting, they assume that a spread will dictate winnings.

NBA prop betting doesn’t involve picking specific players to create a team, however. Standard spread bets are made for people who want to predict the winner. 

You’ll need to create a unique NBA prop betting strategy since you’ll be placing your fate in the points. This type of online betting has participants place a wager on a player’s points and rebounds. It’s common for people to place bets on players who will make more or less than 22.5 points in a game or 10.5 rebound points. 

General Terminology

If you don’t know what you’re looking at, you’re bound to make a mistake with your money. 

Players’ points apply to specific games, so don’t confuse them with season points. If you’re monitoring rebounds and assists, take note of the joint points per game. Basketball is fast-paced, so if you’re betting on several players, use stat-tracking bookies to chart out your results. 

Sportsbooks are the platform you use for placing bets. With these apps, you can discover more about player performance and projected total points. If you’re unsure about a term or acronym while betting, research it before putting your money at risk.

Depending on which sportsbook you use, the same stats could be labeled as something different. 

Research the Right Stats 

Online NBA betting sites offer various types of bets, but if you don’t research the right stats, your money will be at risk. 

Instead of focusing on bigger-picture news about NBA teams, you’ll want to take a closer look at individuals. Each player’s game stats are posted for the season, which can help you place safer bets at the beginning. Pay attention to how many points they score on average and the rebounds they win. 

Other stats you should consider looking at are three-pointer shots, blocks, and assists. Some stats may look complex, but as you familiarize yourself with the general concepts and trends, you’ll gain confidence. Since bets are placed on individuals, versus teams, you also need to pay attention to injuries and trades. 

Watch the Games & Get Updates 

If you want to place the best NBA player props tonight, you need to get in the habit of watching games and sports news. 

Player injuries from practice or time off the court could impact your entire spread. Before the game starts, check on your key players so no surprises come up. The more informed you can stay on NBA news, the smarter bets you can place. 

Some people struggle with betting, so it helps them to watch games with friends or family. When you can enjoy the games, whether you win money or lose some, you’ll always be a winner. If you don’t have time to watch every game or press conference, you can opt for player updates on your phone or email. 

You Can Place Infinite Bets

One of the most exciting things about NBA game props is that there isn’t a cap on how many bets you can make.

In a single game, you could hypothetically place dozens of bets to increase your odds of winning. Most betting platforms allow you to bet on stats for 5 players per team. It’s common to select the starting players since they have the strongest reputation. 

With 30 NBA teams to choose from, you have plenty of players to place bets on. Although you can place endless bets, you don’t want to make careless mistakes or wagers you can’t follow. As you get more comfortable with betting, you’ll get a better feel for how many bets and players you can manage simultaneously. 

Daily vs Long-Term Bets 

Standard prop bets are considered to be “daily” bets that apply to specific games.

Although long-term NBA betting is less common, you can still wager on the larger picture. Long-term prop bets involve the same stats as standard ones, however, they are recorded for more than a single game.

Long-term prop bets are made with the average points, assists, and rebounds a specific player gets through an entire season. You can also place these bets for a specified amount of games if you don’t want to wait.

Monitor the Minutes

No matter how confident you are in a player, they can’t earn their points if they’re sitting on the bench.

Do your best to check the minutes that each player is getting on the court for each game. If the minutes are low and decreasing, you don’t want to put your money on them. The reason so many people bet on the game’s starters is that they often play more than others on the team. 

The Ball Is in Your Court 

After researching NBA prop betting, you can confidently wager money on a sportsbook. 

Since prop betting is different than traditional sports betting, you want to research the right numbers. A lack of knowledge could lead to risky bets that aren’t in your best interest. Take time to research who you are betting your money on and why. 

Don’t forget to make the most of each game by following the news and enjoying games. 

Be sure to check out our site for the latest content about sports betting and NBA game props! 

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