When Should You Upgrade an Old Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is vital for a home. It helps manage the electricity within your home and ensures that all the equipment is safe.

An electrical panel acts as a home security system and helps protect your family. If it isn’t up to date, it can pose a risk to your home and your family. So, you might be wondering, when should I upgrade an old electrical panel?

Not updating your electrical panel can be deadly. Here is everything you need to know about upgrading an old electrical panel.

Safety Concerns

Technology in your panel may also be encased in outdated, unsafe, hazardous materials. An electrical upgrade panel is essential to protect your loved ones from potential electrical shocks, fire hazards, and other unsafe conditions. Other safety indicators include a lack of:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping
  • burning odors near the panel

Scheduling an electrical panel upgrade with a professional electrician is extremely important to ensure all safety codes are met; including necessary breakers, enclosure ratings, and adequate wattage. 

Insurance or Code Compliance

Insurance companies, local building codes, and the National Electric Code all require that residential homes have a properly functioning electrical system. If the panel has any outdated wiring, it may not be suitable for modern electrical loads, and a potential fire hazard could occur.

An upgrade to a newer, safer electrical panel is the best way to ensure your home and family’s safety, as well as meet both insurance and code compliance requirements. Electricians in Highland Village, TX, can provide you with reliable service and trustworthy advice on when to upgrade.

Age of the Electrical Panel

The general rule of thumb is that it should be upgraded approximately every 20-30 years. This is because an older electrical panel may not be up to the new safety and energy standards that have come about since the panel was first installed. It is important to routinely maintain your electrical panel to make sure it is functioning properly.

The new panel will allow your electrical system to better handle heavier demands placed upon it, such as running any type of appliance at once or large ones like washing machines. 

Outdated or Insufficient Capacity

An outdated panel may not have the right size fuses or breakers to handle the amount of power needed for the circuit loads in the house. An insufficient capacity panel may become overwhelmed with usage, leading to failure or unsafe situations.

An upgrade should be done swiftly and safely by a qualified technician and should involve replacing all components, such as the main electrical circuit breakers, with a panel designed for the space and electrical loads of the house.

Upgrade Your Old Electrical Panel Today

If your home or office is still running on an old electrical panel, it’s a good idea to upgrade to a more modern one that is up to code. With advancements in technology, upgrading to a modern panel can help provide a safer and more reliable electrical system. Consider contacting a qualified electrical professional to assess your situation and determine the upgrade best for you.

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