Online preparation for test, College, University Exams

Online preparation for test, College, University Exams

The website provides multiple choice questions for a wide range of subjects such as English, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies, Logical Reasoning, General Science, Accounting, Current Affairs, Computer Science, Human Resource Management, History, Marketing and Economics. Multiple-choice questions are an authentic and effective way to ensure that students develop interest and improve their learning, because multiple-choice questions are short and to-the-point the concepts can be tested and examined with ease.

Thorough this website students will be able to search for a wide range of subjects and they can opt to answer multiple-choice questions at their own pace. The reason that website is focusing on multiple-choice questions is that not only does it help students to grasp concepts in an adequate way, in addition, since aptitude tests like SAT, GRE and GMAT are primarily based on multiple-choice questions, the website will help students to prepare in advance for aptitude tests. And since the website already has an ample quantity of questions, the students will get a chance to improve their practice and eventually increase their overall score in exams.

Basically, the MCQ test is designed to overcome the timing of any manual system. In addition to the current system, checking the answer sheet after taking the test also wastes the examiner’s time, so the program will check the correct answers, effectively saving the examiner’s time and all of this. All users who use this system do not need much computer knowledge, and the system will notify them when invalid data is entered. System administrators can fully control the performance of students, they will very effectively control all the details related to the exam, such as student information, exams, grades, courses, essay mode. A specific time point is arranged for a specific problem. When the time point is completed, the test will automatically stop, and the test paper will be returned to the paper setter and administrator.

Usually, the MCQ test contains a strain and some other answers. Stemming is the name of the problem that remains to be solved, and the other answer is the possibility that the teacher can check the basic knowledge of the student. Students get full marks for correct answers, while students get zero points for incorrect answers. The paper conditioner can also create a negative impression of the wrong problem. Therefore, before you try the question by guessing that the student might lose their grade. These questions can be represented by incomplete answers, equations of any mathematical problem, mathematical sequences, analogies, specific image patterns based on each topic, and right or wrong related to it.

The website was developed keeping in mind the important of multiple-choice question. The developers believe that multiple-choice questions are important for the following reasons. Of course, MCQ allows rapid testing of multiple materials. According to a large number of studies, because students are usually able to answer crosswords faster than essay questions, crossword-based exams can usually focus on a relatively extensive introduction of learning materials, thereby increasing the value of assessment. In MCQ, there are some options that can be extended to different Bloom Taxonomy Levels. Although many tests that ignore questions will test understanding and memory of facts, questions that are well-worded can be tried for application and analysis.

The developers of the are optimistic that through this website students will get a chance to enhance their learning and in addition to this, the aim of the website is also to provide students with relevant and adequate explanations of each question so that the core concepts represented in the MCQs are crystalized so that students could develop a deeper sense of understanding with regards to the relevant subjects that they have opted


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