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       When Talking about Commercial lighting, everyone knows it has become a basic necessity of any country. It is the requirement of every Individual. A need of every home, business, commercial buildings and also public domains. Well, lighting has become a blessing to us.

Nothing being exaggerated, lights are the main source of a well lit home. It’s main purpose is also security of a place. Commercial lightings are used in many open areas such as garages, parks, parking areas, streets, passages outside the houses or apartments, roads and many others. There are many other commercial lights that are used outside any public or commercial area for the purpose of decoration and These lights not only make it aesthetically pleasant but also is a form of adequate light provider in the spaces. The purpose of outdoor commercial lighting is to make areas brighter and keep them lit especially in the night time. These lights are particularly used by factories and industries where they need to keep up with adequate lighting to work at night. The warehouses, buildings and offices are also involved in the use of these artificial sources of lighting. These lights come in different shapes and sizes however, they all have different power to brighten up the area.

Besides this Introduction we need to learn about the benefits of these lights that make it essential part of life and can never be substituted with any other.

Benefits of having Outdoor commercial Lightings

Commercial Lighting can benefit a lot to one association or a company because it just not only boosts productivity but also is a source of enhancing and attracting everyone towards it, this can make a difference in the productivity and value of the property. It also creates a difference in the appearance of the building hence, increases the value or the resale value of the property.

  1. Radiance

The most important and primary benefit of Commercial lighting is, it illuminates the buildings be it commercial or residential. It brightens up the surroundings. Lighting also help increase productivity as people can work in daylight and at night high radiance and brightness help them to work at night as well. It also creates a source of security at night.

  1. A source of Security

People are always seen very secured and energetic in day light. It’s because light helps them to work efficiently during the daylight but at night, these commercial lights help them to navigate efficiently too. People become confident at night while driving, working in industry or any other movement that requires illumination. It also helps while using CCTV cameras if the surroundings are well lit. The employees can also move easily at late hours without any fear.

  1. Aesthetic Allure

Besides radiance and security, it also helps enhancing the looks and appearance of the building or any area if it is well lit. These lights come in different shapes, sizes and also variety. LEDs are being used these days that helps brightening up the area in a low budget as they use minimum power supply.

The Commercial Lighting is divided into 2 categories that makes it more engaging and easy to understand.

  • Landscape

Landscape lighting is used to enhance the features, elegance and also security of any area. It is used in areas to enhance to beauty and elegance of a place. It is used near trees and plants, lighting the ponds in public places and gardens, etc. Choose landscape lighting companies Atlanta to make your exterior look more attractive.

  • Architectural

This gives a sophisticated look to any area or a building. It is used to renovate and modify the look of a building. The right lighting on a place can also change the look and impression.

Types of Outdoor Commercial Lightings

The above 2 main categories are then further divided into types

  1. Wall packed Lighting

These lights are fixed into the wall without a pole. These wall packs have a glass that protects it from harsh weathers. These usually have motion sensors that help controlling the lights when not needed. They are usually demanded where there is heavy movement throughout the day such as pedestrians or vehicles.

  1. Flood lights

These are high intensity and power lights that are also a purpose of security to a large area. They can be projected on a distinct object with their flexible base.

  1. Ceiling lights

They are used on outdoor ceilings such as restaurants, or other public spaces to make it more visible and bright. They are not affected by weather hence can be used without any hesitation. They are usually seen in banks, petrol pumps, restaurants, drive through and also sometimes hospitals as they are low of maintenance.

  1. Unbent lighting

It has a slim and extended structure. It can be used in buildings and parking areas. Their structure protects them from dust, insects and other weather effects.

  1. Pole lighting

These are the lighting that provide security to an area or property. It has a property of covering larger areas. It is used on public places, streets, parks and under passes etc.

The outdoor commercial lighting requires 2 sensors therefore should be known before buying, are:

  • Dusk to Dawn sensor

This sensor helps the light to automatically turn off in day time when high power of light is censored. It also helps in budgeting low bill rates.

  • Motion sensor

These sensors help in detecting the movement, hence can automatically turn the light on or off or even adjust the power required accordingly.


Why to choose commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting is the main source of lighting and illuminating the areas. However it also decreases the ration of criminal activities. It is an important part and partial at night time. Hence, the use of LEDS is becoming popular lately in this category as it works a long way and has cheaper maintenance. It has also proved low utility bill rates.

It also comes in different designs and sizes so, you can choose according to your demand and how well you want to light up and illuminate your outdoor spaces.

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