Overview of Shopify CMS features, pros and cons

Shopify is the leader in online store builders niche on the foreign market. It has been developed since 2004 and is distinguished by its wide possibilities and simple customization. Customers love Shopify for its modern design, built-in templates, and fast store launching.

Features of the builder

Shopify has been in the niche of commercial projects for a long time and has established itself as an ideal service for creating online stores of different levels. Based on the designer, you can deploy a small site for 5-10 products and an online storefront with thousands of items in the catalog.

One of the main advantages of the platform is the rapid creation of the site. After filling out the form, an administrative panel with useful tips opens. You can understand the features of the service yourself or watch tutorials. There are also shopify customization services

After activating the trial period at the bottom of the interface will be constantly displayed a panel with a reminder to choose one of the plans. Thus, Shopify puts in the minds of customers that it will not be possible to use the modules for free on a permanent basis. 

Although now the test period has been extended to 3 months, you will still have to pay. The problem with the floating notification bar can be solved with the help of custom CSS styles and a browser extension. If you want to use this solution, carefully check the settings to avoid hiding important parts of the interface.

Main dashboard page

The second distinctive feature of the service is the unlimited number of items and 24/7 support on all tariffs. Many competitors have a strictly regulated number of items in the catalog. 

Usually, you can add a few thousand products only on the most expensive plan for $100-200. Shopify went the other way and staked on customer loyalty. This advantage often outweighs the disadvantages of the platform. Users have few alternatives for commercial tasks, so they rarely consider switching.

There are downsides to the service, but they go unnoticed when business owners learn that for $30 a month they will have a full-fledged store with unlimited merchandise, 24/7 support, and a free SSL certificate. 

These benefits outweigh transaction fees and other downsides. Especially when users get extra bonuses after purchasing a plan. Shopify works directly with Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other technology corporations.

Control Panel

Website Builder is one of the few examples where design and usability are on par with features. The developers are not only constantly improving the platform, but also took care to create a modern and convenient administration panel.

Admin panel created by a standard template: in the left side of the menu, in the middle of the content, above the additional navigation. The main menu is divided into 9 tabs, each of which hides additional modules. The main advantage of the dashboard – update data without reloading the page. 

Features of the engine

Describing the available modules and settings can be very long. You can also read about optimizing the store at Let’s dwell only on the important components that are necessary for each store:

  • Import of goods. 
  • Collections.
  • Certificates.
  • Tracking of remains.
  • Base of clients.
  • Built-in analytics.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Library of applications. 
  • Binding domains. 
  • Flexible notifications.

Advantages of CMS Shopify

The constructor has many strengths:

  • import of goods from Excel;
  • flexible store configuration;
  • user-friendly control panel;
  • 24/7 support;
  • integration with popular analytics and marketing platforms;
  • library of apps;
  • no limit on the number of products added;
  • apps for Android and iOS.

The service cooperates with major IT companies, gives users ample opportunities, and takes care of security.

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