Peerless Duo InternetCity Are Taking Over With Their Unique Blend of Rap Music Hailed as Nerdcore

InternetCity, a top-rising combo composed of two independent musicians who started this project in order to collaborate on music, brings their best game to the musical table. InternetCity consists of InternetAaron and InternetMikey, who are both undoubtedly talented artists and YouTubers. Together, they are presenting an original and extraordinarily exciting new style that has been named nerdcore. Nerdcore is a new sort of rap music that fuses elements of pop culture with inspirations from particular components such as anime, video games, movies, and cartoons to create an ethereally rewarding genuine sound that is rich both musically and culturally

InternetCityis truly the next big thing, and indicators of that have already started cropping up. Their Spotify channel now has over 15,000 monthly listeners, and the tunes that make up their outstanding history have together massed over 500,000 listens. They have just scratched the surface, and the world should definitely be ready for what’s to come since they are not your typical artists.

Their hit single “Burn Up (Dabi Rap),” which was released in 2022, has already racked up more than 80,000 streams, and it is anticipated that these figures will continue to climb. This is a rap masterpiece that flaunts its anthem status and enables a listener to be entirely immersed in a highly euphoric lyrical universe that is finished off by the unforgettable melodies over the explosive music. There is little doubt why this is the case; it is easy to see why. The cover artwork is a remarkable piece of work that deserves appreciation for its inventiveness. It was inspired by an epic video game.

I have a deep respect for improvisation in the realm of music, and I have no doubt that InternetCity will introduce me to something fresh and exciting, so I’m all set. I have been playing their songs over and over again all day long, and they are a pair who I would gladly suggest to rapping fans from all over the world; the enchanted sound that they are presenting is undeniably deserving of your attention on any given day

In order to participate in this exciting musical journey with InternetAaron and InternetMikey, you can follow them on Instagram using the usernames provided below. Simply clicking on the provided link will allow you to get fully immersed in their melodious voyage, and I have no doubt that you will find at least a few songs that you really like and want to add to your own playlist.

This is a magnificent example of ingenuity and inventiveness at its very finest, and I get the impression that InternetCity’s accomplishment up to this point depends on strong resolve and admirable work ethic, both of which are being clearly appreciated by listeners all over the world.

You can learn more about the artists by keeping track of them by following each of them individually via the social handles that have been provided below. If you click on the link provided, you will be able to hear the tracks that have earned the praise they have received from their extraordinary collection.

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