Peerless Duo InternetCity Are Taking Over With Their Unique Blend of Rap Music Hailed as Nerdcore

Bringing their A-game to the music table is a top-emerging duo InternetCity, made up of two separate artists who created this project so as to do music together. InternetCity is made up of InternetAaron and InternetMikey- two indisputably gifted artists and YouTubers who are bringing an eclectic and exceptionally exciting new style dubbed as nerdcore- a fresh type of rap music that blends pop culture and influences from certain components such as anime, video games, movies and cartoon to come with an ethereally gratifying authentic sound that is rich both musically and culturally.

InternetCity are really the next big thing and signs to that have already begun popping up; their Spotify channel currently has over 15k monthly listener with the tracks that make their impressive discography cumulatively massing over half a million streams. They have barely scratched the surface and the world should really gear itself up for these are not your ordinary artists!

Their 2022 banger, “Burn Up (Dabi Rap)” has already amassed over 80k streams with the numbers projected to rise even further. It is little wonder why; this is a rap masterpiece that flexes its anthem status and allows a listener to be completely immersed in a very ecstatic rap world that is capped by the memorable hooks over the explosive instrumentation. Inspired by an epic video game, that cover art is a telling work of praiseworthy ingenuity!

I really admire improvisation around music and InternetCity is definitely bringing something new and unique and I’m all ready for it. I have been having their tracks on repeat all day long and this is a duo I would happily recommend to rap fanatics everywhere- this magical sound they are bringing is irrefutably worth your time any day!

Follow InternetAaron and InternetMikey on their attached Instagram handles so as to join them in this inspiring musical escapade. Click on the attached link so as to get whole immersed in their melodic adventure and I’m pretty certain you will not lack a few favorites in there to decorate your playlist with!

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