Pinterest is a fantastic way to reach out to a large audience with your content

Grow your business through the innovative Pinterest platform

Pinterest is a fantastic way to reach out to a large audience with your content. Professional photographers can locate clients, eCommerce sellers can discover additional consumers, and companies may launch new goods, and so forth. Many users, however, are concerned about their content being stolen and wish to secure their photographs on Pinterest. However there is no way to permanently secure your photographs from the chaotic world of Online networking, there really are actions you can really do to make them more difficult to steal and ensure you get the recognition you feel entitled to.

Pinterest’s popularity has skyrocketed, and users have been pinning photographs from all over the web. If your website relies heavily on photos, this pinning frenzy can cause you some concern, Pinterest is known as a “place of refuge for copyright offenses” for a reason.

Your Pictures Should Have a Watermark

Using a watermark to identify your photographs is a terrific method to ensure that everybody who sees them knows they are yours. Watermarks may be readily created in Photoshop or Microsoft Word. Though placing your watermark across the entire photo makes everything more evident who owns it, it also makes people less inclined to share it. It is best to put a basic watermark in the corner, so the image’s quality isn’t compromised but users know the image belongs to them.

Monitor Your Online Visibility

Discovering wherever your photographs seem to be on the internet will help you ensure that they’re used correctly and that you have been receiving due recognition. Sign up for any top Pinterest Analytics Dashboard if you really want to know exactly where your Pinterest traffic is coming from. You can discover which photographs from your website are by far.

You may also perform a reverse Google image search on any image on the internet. Simply upload the image, and Google will show you where it appears on the internet.

On your website, disable “right clicks.”

It’s as simple as adding the script to your website’s code to prevent anyone from browsing to your website and “Save as…” in your photographs. Here are instructions on how to disable the “Right-Click.” Users will not be able to “Save as…” your photographs if you use this code, but they will be able to pin them from your site.

You can, however, add a “no pin” script to your website if you don’t want your photographs to be pinned at all. On their website, Pinterest gives instructions on how to use the “no pin” code.

Pinterest Content Creation

When it comes to adding owned material to Pinterest, users can sometimes be their own worst enemies. There’s an “Add+” menu item at the top of your Pinterest homepage.

You can either “Add a Pin” or “Upload a Pin” to add content to your Pinterest page. The content you post will immediately connect back to your website if you click “Add a Pin.” If you choose to “Upload a Pin,” you will need to return to the pin after it has been posted and add your website. To do so, hover over the pin and select “Edit,” then enter the URL in the link area.

Stopping Pinterest Pins from Showing up on HTML Sites

If your work is on a conventional HTML website, you can disable Pinterest pins by adding a meta tag to the HTML page’s header section, within the head> section. Ensure that it appears before the closing /head>.

Using Pinterest Pins on WordPress Sites isn’t a good idea.

If you’re using WordPress, just install a new plugin to disable pinning. Pinterest Block is an example of a plugin you can utilize. Go to your WordPress admin page, click ‘Add New’ under the ‘Plugin’ section, and search for ‘Pinterest Block’.

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