Choosing a Plumber in Indianapolis: What to Look For

Although most of it is hidden, the plumbing network in your home is complex and very important to the function of your house. That is why when it breaks, a full replacement could cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $16,000.

If you want to prevent major repairs, then you need to search for “plumber Indianapolis” online for regular maintenance.

Start by reading this guide to choosing the best plumber for the job. 

What Are Their Credentials?

A plumber contractor can hold several credentials that allow them to legally work. For example, in Indianapolis, a plumber needs to have a license from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, Plumbing Commission.

Plumbers may also register with certain organizations that review their plumbing procedures for safety and efficiency. You can check these service locations for certified plumbers in Indianapolis. 

Are They Insured?

If a plumber has the appropriate credentials then they qualify for insurance. Plumbing insurance is just like most contractor liability insurance, which protects against potential damage to your home. 

For instance, if the water leaked in your home during repairs, then the plumber would be able to fix the damage without paying out of pocket. 

On Call for Emergencies

Choosing from a list of plumber contractors doesn’t mean that you will use them once and never see them again. It is good to have a plumber on call just in case a pipe bursts in the middle of a cold wintery night. 

That is why picking a plumber who has emergency services is a must. They should have a phone number available 24/7 for occurrences just like this. 

Offer Free Estimates

A plumbing problem may have many solutions. Some of these solutions cost more than others according to the plumber’s experience. That is why you should always get an estimate of the cost of repairs before hiring a plumber. 

You may notice that some plumbers may cost more than others after you get a few estimates. However, you should consider the value not just the price to pick the best plumber for the job. 

Hourly or Per Project Rates

In addition to an estimate, ask how the plumbing project is charged. Does the plumber work hourly or do they charge for the work completed? 

It is best to pay a flat rate for the project because then you don’t have to worry about how long it will take or if the plumber is taking longer than necessary to increase the price. 

What do Online Reviews Say?

Lastly, before you hire a plumber, see what other people are saying about them by reading reviews online. You may also ask a friend or family member if they recommend a plumber so that you have a first-hand account of their work. 

Finding a Plumber Indianapolis

Now that you know what to look for in a great plumber it is time to start your search. Type plumber Indianapolis in a search engine to see a full list of nearby plumbers. Then begin browsing their website and online reviews. When you find a few that you like call them to discuss estimates and ask additional questions. 

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