How Poor Web Design Affects Audience Growth Negatively?

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You have completed making your website and you adore it. It is just like what you imagined. You put it out on the internet and your expectations start to rise. Months pass and all your excitement starts to go downhill. You are not getting enough audience? Are you thinking to give up? Stop right there!

This is the point where you might want to revisit and revise your web design. You can even consider any of the best web design firms for the job. Web design is the most essential part of your business/forum/application which conveys your message to your target audience.

This article will explore how bad web design can shatter your goals and ways you can combat it.

Let us start with some basics, shall we?

The Value of User Experience

The importance of user experience in the digital world is humungous. According to surveys, around 88% of online users never return to a website after bad UX. This highlights how critically important it is to make your website that is user-friendly.

A bad user experience can quickly degrade your brand’s reputation, can affect your sales drastically, and decelerate your audience growth.

Revisit your website and see how user-friendly it is and see if is fulfilling the user experience design.


Navigation is the most essential factor that determines the ease with which a user surfs through your website. Bad navigation can seriously put off your audience causing them to never return.

Navigation is particularly important when it comes to e-commerce.

Try to get a big picture of your website and accordingly design the navigation. Be on the lookout for the most visited pages, and the least ones. Figure out why your least visited pages are not getting enough traffic.

Make sure your headings are easily readable and tempting to engage an audience.

Place your buttons at the most looked areas, like the top right side. Make sure everything is categorized and subcategorized accordingly.

Nobody Likes Slow

In this world of impatient and busy individuals, everybody wants speed. Would you like a website that is as slow as a snail? No, right?

Having a website that loads in a flash is a major contributor to users’ happiness and ease. Nobody would want to visit or recommend a website that is slow and therefore, you need to check your pace.

Do your homework to improve your website speed to grow the audience traffic.

A Good Mobile Experience

In today’s era of digital hand-held devices, people rarely use laptops apart from work or school. Most internet users like to browse websites from their mobile phones.

Imagine a user coming on to your website which is weirdly zoomed out and the layout all distorted. He immediately closes it and will most likely never return. You don’t want that, right?

So, it is of utmost importance that your website is mobile-friendly.

Lack of Good Content

You sure have done a marvelous job with your website but is it any good if the content it contains is not just worth the attention of internet surfers.

Due to the internet being a huge platform, there is a vast array of content on literally everything. So, to stand out among them all, good-unique content is the way to go. The one that catches attention and keeps the audience engaged and gets you good conversion rates and makes your website SEO friendly.

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Written by Addison Taylor

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