Potential Risks You Take When Buying TikTok Followers

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When it comes to potential risks of buying TikTok followers there are many potentials but the actual risks are just a few and barely ever matter. 

However, you are most likely not familiar with all the potential risks and even with the real ones. 

In this article, we will talk about all the potential risks involved in buying TikTok followers and the real ones you should avoid. 

Keep in mind there are not many risks that could be critically dangerous. After all a follower is still a follower whether bought or not unless it dropped.

Also, it is not a secret by now that many of the celebrities buy followers on TikTok and for their other social media platforms. 

So, it is not a behavior that just came out yesterday.  

Can you buy TikTok followers 

Before we go ahead and talk about the risks involved with buying TikTok followers.  We should definitely first talk if you can actually buy TikTok followers.

You obviously can, but buying TikTok followers is not that simple. Due to the high degree of competition and the big number of available stores, buying should be done meticulously and carefully. 

You need to find the platforms that are legit where you can buy TikTok followers without a password or connecting to a TikTok account directly.

There are two things one needs to keep in mind when buying TikTok followers. 

First is that how real they are? 

Because, to be honest there are not real people following your account day and night waiting for you to post, so that they can like, and comment on that.

If you are to buy, the chances are those accounts are from the profile farmers in the Indian Peninsula meaning that a person probably has tens of hundreds of TikTok accounts and he gets paid to follow, like and engage.

But they are very few and usually cost way more than just a couple of bucks. The other kind of followers more commonly are lost, forgotten accounts, and bots.

Even though they may seem passive and not engage with your posts. They still will increase the overall followers count you have on your account and will help you get more. 

Regardless of which kind you buy they typically are harmless and if safely delivered won’t flag your account.

Potential risk #1: bots 

This is not a surprise that any social media platform now is full of bots. And despite the best efforts of the platforms like TikTok or Instagram they are not going away any time soon. 

There are also those critics who always say that bots are harmful and bad and buying them won’t help you.

There is a bit of truth to that, in a sense that they may not be able to like your video or post, and engage with you, which is the main point of social media. Even then, having a high number of followers is still better than having none. 

The only thing you should look out for is to not buy in loads. When you are buying you should stick to the golden rule of Paretto, which is that 80/20 percent rule.

Deciding to buy TikTok followers you can have 20% of your total followers be bots while trying to keep the 80% humans. 

Because at the end of the day, 100% human followers doesn’t guarantee you 100% engagement, since humans are busy. 

You can even go a bit higher with the percentage, depending on the number of followers that engage with you on a regular basis, but that you need to decide on your own depending on your particular case. 

Purge of bots 

Every now and then all the social media platforms conduct purges.  This is how some of the celebrities who bought followers were found out due to their sudden loss of millions of followers. 

When purges happen they try to delete all the bot accounts, but finding out whether an account is a bot or not is not an easy task for the bot police which are themselves bot-like algorithms checking up against the checklist. 

There are times when even humans cannot distinguish an account whether it is a bot or not. Because any account can be passive and used only occasionally but it does not make it a bot.

The only real risk is if you were to buy TikTok followers which were bots, and they get purged, you lose them. 

There is no penalty or the platform won’t banish or anything, the only thing is that you lose your bot followers. But not all of them. 

Only the ones that bot police could identify as bots. That is it. So, when you are to think about it, it is not quite a risk but a possible mishap, the chances of that happening is very low. 

To Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the risk involved when you buy TikTok followers is merely a policing issue, which has low chances of happening. 

You might go overboard and buy too many followers when there could be other issues other than the risk of purge. 

However, if you follow the golden Pareto rule or your own. You should be just fine as are the rest of the world who are buying TikTok followers left and right. 

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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