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Power to choose is the official electricity selection website operated by the Texas Public Utilities Commission. It provides consumers living in unregulated energy areas of the state with information and tools to keep them informed about energy choices within the state. This way, you can use your power to choose an energy company. Our free comparison tool gives you a selection of the best suppliers so you don’t have to look for cheap electricity in my area. To get started, just enter your zip code on this page. What will happen next? You will enter our marketplace where we show you comprehensive electricity rates in Texas. Sort by rate, due date, vendor, and more as you expand your choices.

Switching to REP

The right to choose is one way the government hopes to educate consumers and help them learn more about their electricity options. It also serves as one of the many resources that consumers can use to find reliable and approved REPs.

The power to save

Power to save is a great example of the kind of resources that Power to Choose offers to consumers. This website provides information on electricity in Texas, including Savings Calculator – This online tool allows consumers to determine how much money they can save by switching to REP or by reducing their energy consumption. Filling in various fields such as average kWh usage and estimates of heating and cooling temperatures helps to calculate the results.

Deregulating Energy Means Choice

Following the deregulation of the Texas energy market in 2002 most Lone Star residents were given the right to choose their electricity supplier. Utilities no longer have a monopoly on the supply of electricity, so consumers can shop at the best electricity rates and plans. However, many still say that choosing an electricity supplier can be confusing. We operate the largest private energy market in the state. More than a million Texans have found power plans for residential and commercial spaces from trusted retail electricity providers (REPs) including TXU Energy, Reliant Energy, Constellation Energy, and others.

Cities across the state

Now consumers choose a supplier who supplies energy to the utility. Utilities provide electricity to homes and businesses and maintain and repair power infrastructure. Cities across the state, including Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, are part of the deregulated Texas energy system. Below are some of the cities in Texas where residents have a choice:

The power to choose Houston

As mentioned above, residents of the largest city in Texas can change. Houston is also home to a number of prominent electricity providers. Hot summer weather and temperatures that dropped below freezing in February 2021 mean residents must exercise their power to find a plan that addresses both extremes. Utility for Houston – Center Point Energy. Regardless of which provider Houston customers choose, the utility will provide power to their homes or businesses. The Houston Choice does not apply to utilities.

The power to choose Dallas

More than 1.3 million Dallas residents have a choice that’s good. In summer, the temperature approaches (and sometimes exceeds) 100 degrees, and in winter it can sometimes drop to below zero. But the choice of capacity allows residents to find a rate that suits any situation. Energy outlet expands the Dallas choices by showing residents the plans available in the area. Consumers can find a great pricing plan whether they’re looking for low prices, flat rates, variable duration terms. Or green content for homes and businesses in Dallas. The power of choice makes everything possible.

The power to choose Fort Worth

Fort Worth is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, and people who move there find they have a choice. Fort Worth is part of the deregulated Texas energy market. This means that residents and businesses have a choice of government – the ability to choose the retail energy supplier of their choice. The power of choice makes everything possible.  They can accommodate, find low prices, and choose fixed rates, or any combination of these and other factors.


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