Professional repair of a bathroom with quality materials

Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor
Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

The repair of the bathroom plays an essential role in the arrangement of the home. The times when the owners independently carried out all the manipulations are over.

Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style recommends professional companies that carry out turnkey bathroom repairs with high-quality materials, inexpensively and quickly. The benefits of such cooperation are obvious: materials are purchased at a discount, cheap bathroom vanity all actions are carried out sequentially. As a result, experienced craftsmen will repair the bathroom “for centuries.” Owners who do not have experience as a builder can only dismantle it. But whoever has encountered this understands that everything is not so simple – dismantling is worse than an atomic war. The specialists have the appropriate qualifications and the necessary tools to do everything quickly, reliably, and at an affordable price.

Work order

A repair can be different: cosmetic with tile laying and thorough (principal), when you have to change the central communication systems. Everything is straightforward with the first option: they dismantled the old coating and laid a new one, having previously prepared the surface.

Consider: in what order is the overhaul of a turnkey bathroom with materials carried out.

Main steps of professional repairs:

  • Development of a project plan with design and planning of global communications wiring. Even the most minor points are indicated.
  • Selection and purchase of materials, emphasis on quality resources at reasonable prices.
  • Dismantling work.
  • Floor arrangement: from pouring a new screed to waterproofing.
  • Replacing electrical wiring while there is access to the rough walls.
  • Wall cladding with the preparation of sewer and water pipes. All visible sections of the pipeline are “bricked up.”
  • Next, the professional repair of a bathroom with materials reaches the ceiling and ventilation system. The humid environment of this room needs adequate ventilation. Here, not only is the grille being replaced but also the draft is being checked.
  • If the water supply and sewerage systems do not provide for a hidden installation, the pipes are mounted on top of the walls in the next step.
  • Installation of plumbing, modern vanities, and other equipment.

Repair of a bathroom with materials price

The prices for repair work depending on the volume and scale of the repair, on its complexity. Even significant repairs can be ambiguous: you can replace communications and lay the inflow, or you can hold a more global event with the demolition of partitions or the construction of new floors.

In general, when calculating the cost of repairing a turnkey bathroom with materials, they take into account the three most important cost items:

  • The amount of preparatory finishing work. It may not require the usual preparation of the walls with removing the old coating, but cleaning the damaged plastered areas, applying new plaster, getting rid of mold, a primer. If the walls are in excellent condition, it is enough to clean the surface, cover it with a primer and waterproofing compound.
  • The complexity of work on the replacement of risers and pipelines. Dismantling old pipes and connecting new ones can be carried out in a hidden way, and this is more expensive than restoring a new channel in its original place. The redevelopment also increases the cost of repairing a turnkey bathroom with materials (for example, combining a toilet and a bathroom).
  • Tile laying method, its dimensions. Non-standard styling affects the pricing upward.

In practice, most foremen faced work of varying complexity, restored such neglected objects, and turned them into a “picture” that they will cope with any of your suggestions. Come to bathroom stores near me New Bathroom Style and order bathroom furniture from a time-tested company, make your life better! You will also get recommendations about the highest qualification contractors.

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