ReactJS vs WordPress: What Should You Choose?

ReactJS vs WordPress: What Should You Choose?

There is always confusion while deciding on the best Content Management System. It helps in managing the content on the website without any technical knowledge.  Thinking about which WordPress or ReactJS development Company will be beneficial for your business. The CMS has two parts:

  • Content Management Application that allows adding the content on the website
  • Content Delivery Application is a backend process that allows the content to be visible to the viewers.

You know the traditional methods are bulky, hackable, and challenging to learn. The new generation focuses on building websites and mobile apps that are lighter, faster, secure, flexible, and highly scalable. Let us examine the two famous CMS platforms in the market and know more about them:

What is WordPress?

It was introduced in the industry in 2003, which changed the website development methods. It is an open-source CMS that is built in PHP and MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress is user-friendly which can be used to create blogs, applications, or websites. It gives you access to beautiful themes, designs, and powerful features to build anything.

Some good things about this platform are:

  • It is easy to start the project as the installation process is simple. Some tools will help users to create their business effortlessly.
  • WordPress has the necessary functions to build simple websites.
  • There are many plugins and themes available that can be integrated into the platform to enhance your business performance.
  • There are low-cost web servers that make running the website more cost-effective.
  • It is an SEO-friendly platform that helps in improving the website ranking on search engines.

Some Disadvantages of using WordPress are:

  • Regular updates are essential to have a healthy WordPress website. Some updates might compromise the website’s functionality and get you in trouble if you don’t have an expert to handle them.
  • As it is an open-source platform, it can get hacked if it does not get regular security updates.
  • WordPress themes have a lot of irrelevant generic code, which slows down the website speed.

What is ReactJS?

It is an open-source platform that is also a JavaScript library that is used to build UI components. It is maintained by Facebook, which has a great community and developers. It is a base for building single page and mobile apps. It is a flexible, efficient, and declarative library that helps to make your platform simple, scalable, and faster web apps.

Some good things about this platform are:

  • People expect the fast-loading pages, which is fulfilled by using the ReactJS
  • They help in building native apps which are supported by both iOS and Android. These applications have excellent performance and provide a better user experience.
  • Many React libraries are free of cost, which helps in improving the functionality of your app
  • The new generation ecosystem uses APIs which needs lower bandwidth to share data that makes the website faster.

Some Disadvantages of using ReactJS are:

  • Some developers cannot match the high pace of development and adopt the changes with all the continuous updates.
  • JSX might be a barrier for new developers as they consider the learning curve complicated
  • As ReactJS is evolving rapidly, the developers have not focused on making proper documentation for every release and tool.

Why should you hire ReactJS developers?

Easily create dynamic web apps

Earlier, you used the HTML strings, which made coding complicated, but React solves this issue. It required less coding and more functionality. It used JSX (JavaScript eXtension) to render subcomponents. This also supports building machine-readable codes.

Improves Performance

It has virtual DOM that deals with XHTML, XML, or HTML. This helps in updating the required changes without affecting the performance of applications.

Reusable Components

A web application is made up of many components where each one is unique control and logic. ReactJS has a reusable piece of HTML code that makes it easier to develop and maintain.


This simplifies the complex structures that are different based on interactive and runtime data. It is an HTML templating that is integrated into the JavaScript code.

Why should you hire WordPress developers?

Great Support

As it has a vast community that is ready to extend support to other developers whenever required. People can contribute their ideas to improve the performance as it is an open-source and vibrant community.


This is an excellent concern for website developers as they want to protect users from online vulnerabilities. The architecture of WordPress supports features to handle posts, comments, web pages, media, and more.

SEO Friendly

Content quality is essential when it comes to website performance in the digital world. WordPress developers can use various tools and code to update the content and make it SEO-friendly.

Mobile Responsive

Search Engines prefer mobile-friendly websites. WordPress has great themes that are automatically responsive to different size and type of mobile devices. This increases the chances of gaining higher ranks in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Which one should you choose for your next project?

Before bringing a website or mobile application, you should know about WordPress and ReactJS development company. They will give various solutions that are beneficial to your business based on their knowledge.

Written by Frederick Jace

A passionate Blogger and a Full time Tech writer. SEO and Content Writer Expert since 2015.

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