Reasons Parents Should Not Dominate Their Child

Reasons Parents Should Not Dominate Their Child

Our society is funny, here even those people can also be found giving suggestions who themselves don’t know what’s happening in their life from dawn till dusk. Whole day if you want then you can get suggestions about nurturing your own child from others but what about the feelings and emotions of the child? Who will ask and care about them? Today there are a number of children who are getting spoiled due to negligence or dominating behaviour of parents and tutors towards them. Parents and tutors think that their strictness is very necessary for the kids and it is right but up to an extent only and they cross their line often and keep being robust with the child always in order to grab Einstein out of them. Though today there are several tools of online learning which are helping the child to attain all the academic goals assigned to him/her. And students are very efficient these days in order to accomplish their academic tasks. Schools are also inducing tools like LMS and ERP in order to help the children. LMS provides students all the possible help in order to make the kid’s learning best and ERP supports LMS to function properly. Often people have a misconception that being too robust and strict will make students’ kids live under discipline and focus on their academic goals. This is something weird enough to believe and along with this it is proved by many scientific studies that kids who face such behaviour from their parents and tutors have to suffer from psychological issues. Such dominative behaviour suppresses their cognitive development and interpersonal skills too.

It is good to make the child follow discipline but this should not take the form of a dominative behaviour on a continuous basis. Being dominating excessively makes children hide things from parents, they fall into depression and stress, their academic and personal performance and behaviour start to degrade. Brain of child is like a dove more lightly you handle it will go directionless and more tightly you hold it will die out of suffocation. This proves that their mind is so sensitive that being more pressurized can damage the mind of the child. Let’s discuss some reasons why parents should not dominate their kids too much. Anything in excess is never right in any aspect. Therefore, too much of dominating the child makes kids dependent on the parents always and if he or she is told to ask the parents always before doing anything then this will affect the decision-making skills of the child. It will be good if gradually child is allowed to take his/her own decision. It will make him/her independent and confident too. It is found in studies that kid who have to endure dominant behaviour of parents for a long time they start to tell lies to their parents and to hid the things from them due to fear of getting punishment or being scolded. Due to which they decide to suffer but not to share anything to parents and this may cause serious issues with children.

Such kids who suffer from dominating behaviour of their elders and parents, their self-esteem gets lowered in their mind and they begin to think that they are born to suffer. This thought controls their future also when they go to the higher classes or in college then they have to suffer bullying and they never oppose it too. The domination they suffered in their childhood never allows them to raise voice against wrong their whole life and they are always dependent on their parents and elders to make decisions which affects their personal life too. Such children never get ample amounts of support from their families for their overall development. Such kids never get to know about the abilities and talents hidden in them, because talents are known by discovery and such kids are habitual of getting orders from others. It happens because such kids are never allowed to do something new in order to discover their own potential. As a result, their whole life these kids are never aware of capabilities they contain in themselves. Such situations are enough to destroy the future of these kids and these are the reasons why parents should never be dominant to their child.

Written by Enaa Mari

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