Replicon – A Complete Guide about the Software

Replicon software helps businesses to easily manage their employees and workflow. With a versatile suite of cloud-based business management solutions, this software turns out to be more popular these days. If you are thinking of using Replicon software, here is a complete guide you would want to know.

Meet Replicon Software!

Replicon software is an effective Project Time Tracking tool. It is known as a comprehensive billing and invoicing software product. The software provides an inclusive financial, time tracking, and project management platform.

One of the best features offered by the software is a flexible billing tool. This tool allows you to budget your project accordingly. Another great thing is, this software also features a practical employee self-service module. The module facilitates invoice creation from timesheets. Eventually, it helps you to save time and money in the affairs department.

Most importantly, as a cloud-based program, Replicon can be used on almost any device via a web browser.

Which Business Uses Replicon?

According to many Replicon software reviews, some companies and other organizations use the software in a variety of industries including:

  • It
  • Finance
  • Nonprofits
  • Engineering
  • Natural resources
  • Construction

What Are the Main Features?

If you will see the Replicon demo, you will find out many innovative features offered by the software. Let’s discuss the most popular ones!


Replicon software comes with a handy toolkit of timesheet templates. The templates make it easier to create detailed timesheets that you can fill out quickly. This way, you can keep the track of all billable times. Eventually, all employees and service providers can be accurately rewarded for their work.


Many users mentioned in Replicon reviews that the software provides a comprehensive overview of all your active billing activities. You will be able to easily create an invoice from a template. Additionally, you generate a custom invoice that fits your needs. From there, you can then invoice your customers and receive payments in various international currencies without any hassle.

Flexible billing

Replicon software of Agile Project management software provides an adjustable billing platform. This platform can adapt to different business needs and budgets. Here, you can set pricing for projects, clients, and roles to accurately bill all your stakeholders. The best part is, you will get fully customizable billing capabilities, with hourly, daily, or monthly billing.


Replicon streamlines the approval process. This is done by allowing you to configure a multi-step approval workflow. The software will also send you a notification when something requires your attention. This will eventually facilitate a more collaborative validation workflow. How? Because you can involve the administrators, customers, and other stakeholders in the approval process.

Employee Self-Service

Replicon provides a convenient Employee Self-Service Dashboard. This allows your team members to request vacation approval. This way, you can ensure that the project is always fully staffed. Most importantly, all your employees can access dashboards from home and even directly from their mobile devices.

What Are the Benefits of Using Replicon Software?

The main benefits of using Replicon software are included flexible employee timekeeping, easy project and task management, and powerful reporting. Below are the details of the benefits you will get by using Replicon.

Provides Project and Task Management Capabilities

Project and task management capabilities are integrated into the software. Therefore, no matter how many customers, projects, or tasks you have, the platform guarantees that you can handle them all. With Replicon, you can schedule tasks and monitor employees working on assigned tasks. Eventually, this will let you see if an employee is having trouble completing a task.

Offers Flexible Monitoring of Employee Working Hours

Replicon software reviews mention how it makes it easy to see if an employee is spending enough time on an assigned project or task. Yes, the software gives you the flexibility to track the working hours of your employees. This way, you can track them by customer, project, or task.

Offers the attendance management feature, Replicon also allows your employees to conveniently go to work and leave for work. How? You can set employee profiles and add employee photos to these profiles. Thus, they can get in and out of these profiles easily and quickly.

Provides Accurate and Compliant Processing of Salaries

Payroll is one of the most popular features of Replicon. The feature allows you to track the attendance and absence of employees.  In addition, you can also automatically and accurately calculate the charges for overtime employees. Most importantly, the payroll management will ensure compliance with applicable labor laws in the state or location. Replicon software will notify you immediately if there is a change in labor laws.

Assists You To Make Better Business Decisions

From the Replicon demo, you will see how it provides all the data you need to manage the people and processes of your company. With this software, you will get better insights that can help you improve your business. By using Replicon, you can instantly generate reports from your data related to employee tasks, timesheets, project portfolios, and more.

What Makes Replicon Software Different?

  • Configurable

You can easily adjust the software to your specific requirements with flexible tools integrated with customizable workflows.

  • Integrable

You can optimize your management process by integrating Replicon software with other systems in the professional services industry. Accordingly, you can easily share with CRM, ERP, accounting, or other proprietary systems.

  • Forecasting

The software enables you to analyze future resource needs. Additionally, you can then generate revenue forecasts.

  • Effective Collaboration

You can coordinate the finance and delivery teams by using the collaborative platform in Replicon.

  • International Support

Replicon comes with support for more than 20 languages. The software also offers built-in currency exchange factoring. This makes the software work well to centralize project and workforce management for international businesses.

Replicon Pricing Plan

Replicon pricing plan is quite complex. Their official website offers nine different offers at different prices. You will also find a long table of what you get with each. So, first, you need to know exactly what you need. Then you have to look through the tables to find the product that best fits your needs.

The most basic plan you can see is TimeBill Quick Start. This plan costs $60 monthly for up to 5 users. Meanwhile, other products are only billed monthly per user with the prices ranging from $3 to $22 depending on your choice.

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