Role of Technology in Modern Day Ghost Hunting

Role of Technology in Modern Day Ghost Hunting

Picture this you dropped the plan of family picnic to complete your favorite TV series by staying at home. Halfway through your show, you observe a silhouette passing by the kitchen counter or feel like someone behind the curtain looks at you. Or your garden lights are switching on and off on their own. Undoubtedly, the occurrence of such scenes can leave you in a state of shock or dumbfounded even for days. Chances are you might have witnessed some paranormal activity in your home.

There is an ongoing debate whether there lies any truth behind several paranormal activities. Countless times scientists have claimed there is no truth to these stories. They are just an imagination, and a person may encounter such supernatural situations because of either physical or psychological factors. However, there is no verified or authentic scientific research that confirms or denies ghostly occurrences.

So, if you believe in paranormal activities, why not gear yourself to investigate the ghost scene? It may look thrilling to start your ghost hunting adventure initially. Let’s not forget you need a lot of courage and planning to make your hunting fruitful. Are you wondering what plans you need to start your ghost hunting? Well, you can’t start it out of the blue; instead, prepare yourself with the necessary toolkit. Employ various tech tools such as an REM Pod in this post by Paranormic, in your attempt to hunt ghosts or any anomaly situation. Below is the list of essential technological instruments you need to pack yourself with for your paranormal activity investigation trip:

  1. Camera

Whether you choose to go ghost hunting in broad daylight or at night time, chances are you wish to catch the sight of spirit or ghost. However, it is next to impossible to do so with your naked eyes. Therefore, using your smartphone’s camera might not be a wise idea since it doesn’t have infrared or night vision capability. That is why the SLS camera comes in handy. The high-quality, easy-to-use, and portable camera is beneficial for beginners and experienced ghost hunters. The best thing about the Structured Light Sensor or SLS camera is its built-in infrared light projector. The projector and monochrome CMOS Sensor allow you to see paranormal activities that you can’t see from an unaided eye. All you need to do is connect the camera with the tablet and open the software to document everything on your device.

  1. Infrared Thermometer

Have you ever felt a chilly or tingling sensation on your warm body at the haunted place? Many people during their paranormal investigation have come across such feelings. The reason for cold spikes at ghostly places might be the presence of some ghosts or spirits. Although more and more people are present in a particular area, you can observe a rise in temperature in that place. However, if you see a considerable amount of temperature fluctuation, such as an increase or decrease by 6 degrees, chances are there is a presence of some paranormal powers. Therefore, your toolkits must have an infrared thermometer to observe the temperatures and detect any ghostly appearances. Many paranormal investigators believe the ghost make their presence available by absorbing the surrounding energy and forming a cool air cloud. Thus, keeping an IR thermometer with you in your ghost hunting adventure can help you detect otherworldly creatures.

  1. EMF Meter

Are you feeling like someone is continuously watching over your every move in your house? Often, people living or visiting a haunted house feel like someone is stalking or watching them. It is because many home electrical appliances emit high electromagnetic fields. These high EMFs are responsible for making you feel like this. So if the haunted place is observing some constant high electromagnetic fields, there is nothing to worry about the sense of discomfort these rays give. However, there is a high possibility of some technical problem with your appliances. Therefore, you must look for professional help to sort that out. For this reason, don’t forget to take an EMF meter for your ghost hunting adventure.

However, suppose your EMF meter reading fluctuates above the normal range. In that case, that might be a warning sign of some paranormal activities. Furthermore, since dead souls can emit electromagnetic radiations, you can detect them using an EMF meter and confirm your skepticism.

  1. Sound Detector

Some ghosts indeed make their presence known by showing themselves; however, others don’t. So the question arises of what to do if the spirit isn’t showing itself. In that case, getting ready for your adventure with a reliable voice detector might be an excellent idea. These sound detector equipment can help you hear and record voices with low sound frequency, such as 40 Hertz, that you can’t even hear with your normal ears. You can either choose to record your entire ghost hunting adventure or place your voice detector instrument in the spooky area to record ghostly voices.

So, get yourself an easy-to-operate and lightweight voice detector instrument to record some interesting ambient sounds during your adventure. You can also turn on the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) session on your sound detector device and ask different questions from the ghosts. Moreover, don’t forget to transfer every recording to your computer as soon as possible to save the information. 

  1. Light

So you have everything necessary from EMF meter to camera and sound recorder and are all set to start your ghost hunting operation. However, before you take a step to move on with discovering the paranormal activities, have you thought about packing the flashlight? You might be ignoring to keep a flashlight in your toolkit for modern-day ghost hunting adventure. Yet, since most ghost hunting happens at night, moving around the spooky house with little or no light might be a pretty challenging task. You might trip on your own feet and miss a step and fall, hurting yourself because you overlook the factor of keeping a flashlight with you.


Whether you are a firm believer of spiritual realms or supernatural powers’ existence in the world, rest assured you are not alone in your beliefs. Many people from different cultural backgrounds have strong faith that the disembodied soul of their loved ones remains alive in another world. Either for the sake of spooky fun or profound beliefs, more and more people today are taking part in ghost hunting adventures. However, be mindful; the best time to hunt for any spirit or any other paranormal activity is the nighttime. It is because it gets creepier at night, and hence you can experience some grave encounters.

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