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The main purpose of banks is to save and lend money.  34 banks are working in India out of which 12 are public sector banks and 22 are private sector banks. If you are wondering which bank is safe to keep your money in, here is the list of banks which are the safest Banks in India. So without any further delay let’s get started with it.

State bank of India:

The 43rd world’s largest bank has 24000 branches across the globe. Based on the highest assets it comes on the number 1 bank in India. This bank is thus completely trustworthy and the State bank of India is one the safest banks of India. According to Wikipedia, It has a net worth of INR 5080914.0 Crore.


It is a private sector bank but a trustworthy one. HDFC is one of the organizations that have a larger number of employees; around 120,000 employees work here. By market capitalization, it is the 3rd largest organization in India.

ICICI (industrial credit and investment corporation bank of India):

Industrial credit and investment corporation bank of India is a private banking and financial sector that works not only nationally but also internationally. He has the asset of net worth 1,007,068 crores as per the report of 2020 by Wikipedia.


The bank was established in Dec 1993. The headquarters of Axis bank is in Mumbai, India. It is a private sector that is working across the country and worldwide also. Axis bank has the potential to grow stronger in the coming times. Axis Bank has a total asset of INR 8.00997 trillion according to the report of 2019. The total number of branches of Axis bank is more than 4 thousand. The total number of ATMs is more than 11.2 thousand.

Kotak Mahindra bank:

A national private banking and finance sector. It was established not long ago (2003) but made its name in one of the safest banks in India.


It is a private banking and finance sector that provides loans of different kinds like loans against property, gold loans, etc. the headquarter of Induslnd bank is in Pune India. They have more than 30 thousand employees. The total number of ATMs is 2453. They only serve nationwide.


A private banking and finance sector was established in 2004. The headquarter of YES bank is in Mumbai, India. They have made a huge success in such a short time. They have assets of nearly 42 billion US dollars. They serve all over India and have 1000 branches with 1800 + ATMs. They have 20,000+ permanent employees. The services they provide include investment banking solutions, new style banking that is digital, yes property purchase, yes first corporate credit card, loans, surplus and investments, debt capital markets. They don’t serve worldwide.


Bank of Baroda was established in July 1908. They work only in India. The headquarter of the Bank of Baroda is in Vadodara, India. Consumer banking, corporate banking, credit cards, insurance, finance, private banking, private equity, loans services like mortgage loans, investment banking, and management of wealth are some of the services that Bank of Baroda provides. They have good customer service and this bank is safe to put your money in.




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