3 Reasons for Hiring Oil and Gas Security Guards

Security guard at work

Are you seeking ways to increase safety at your oil and gas sites?

Hiring security guards for work sites has more benefits than you might think. They can improve safety, prevent theft, deter vandalism, and more.

Plus, there are a few reasons why security guard training for oil and gas sites is critical. Security guards can help with compliance and regulations, making them especially useful for large sites.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to understand the benefits of on-site guards near you.

1. Provide an Extra Layer of Security

Hiring oil and gas security guards will provide extra security for oil and gas sites. These guards can inspect vehicles, personnel, and packages entering and leaving the area and question anyone involved with some illegal activity.

Their presence will act as a deterrent to any would-be assailants or trespassers who are thinking of trying to gain access to the area. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry and will be well aware of any associated security risks. This will give site owners the inner peace that their assets are being protected around the clock.

2. Reducing the Risk of Vandalism

Oil and gas fields are among the top priorities for vandals looking to inflict the most damage with the least effort. Hiring a gas and oil field security guard will reduce the risk of vandalism.

If a case of vandalism is reported, the guard will thoroughly inspect the area and report any visible damage. Depending on the severity of the incident, the guard may use cameras and other surveillance technology to determine what occurred and report it to the appropriate law enforcement personnel. Gas and oil security guards also initiate preventative measures to prevent future vandalism, such as increasing patrols in affected areas or protecting key assets using specialized equipment.

3. Able to Respond in an Emergency

In an emergency, the guards can quickly assess the situation and take action. They are trained to remain vigilant and aware of any potential risks.

They are also trained to communicate effectively with the rig and site operators and implement evacuation protocols if necessary. In an emergency,  having basic first aid skills can help reduce fatalities or severe injuries in oil and gas-related businesses. They may also assist in conducting regular inspections of equipment and other resources required to ensure the safety of all personnel on the premises.

Security Guards Must Be Present at Oil and Gas Facilities

Security guards must be present at oil and gas facilities. Not only do they provide a sense of safety and security, but they also help to track and reduce risks associated with these facilities.

If you need help with security measures at your oil and gas facility, consider hiring a qualified security guard today to protect your investment.

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