How to Send a Package to an Inmate

Imprisonment can make family visits difficult. Sometimes, the distance may be too much, and you might be wondering if the relationship is worth maintaining.

Many people will choose to send their inmates a package, not just to maintain their connection but also to bring them a little enjoyment in their day. However, it can be hard to know what to do.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! You can keep the lines of communication open with our simple guide on how to send a package to an inmate. Keep reading to learn what you need to do.

Check the Facility’s Rules

Each correctional facility may have its own guidelines and restrictions regarding packages. Start by contacting the facility or visiting their website to obtain the most up-to-date information on their mailing policies.

Get the Inmate’s Details

Do an inmate search to find the inmate’s address. You’ll need to know the inmate ID number, name, and facility information in order to find the right address. Make sure you have accurate and complete information to avoid any issues with delivery.

Determine Approved Items

To send a care package to an inmate, you must first determine the approved items. Inmates are typically allowed to receive books, magazines, photo prints, and money orders from family or friends. All items must also be in their original packaging and not have any foul odors.

Dangerous items such as food, cigarettes, or hygiene products are not permitted. Furthermore, weapons or explosives of any kind are strictly prohibited. When sending a package, it is important to also include a cover letter that includes the sender’s name and address.

Package the Items

Prepare the package according to the facility’s guidelines. It may involve using clear plastic bags or specific packaging materials. Some facilities may also require you to label the package with the inmate’s details and your return address.

Fill Out the Necessary Forms

Many correctional facilities require you to complete a mailing form or a package slip. These forms usually ask for your contact information, the inmate’s details, and a list of the contents. Fill out the form accurately and legibly.

Review and Adhere to Restrictions

Review the guidelines and restrictions provided by the facility once again to ensure you haven’t missed anything. Be aware of any limitations on the number of packages an inmate can receive or any specific mailing schedule.

Send the Package

Take the packaged items, along with the completed forms, to the post office or shipping company specified by the facility. Pay the required postage fees and request any necessary tracking or delivery confirmation.

A Few Tips to Help You Send a Package to an Inmate

To send a package to an inmate, you must ensure that you are following the guidelines of the prison’s mail regulations, or else they will not be accepted. Use reliable shipping services for quick and secure delivery.

Taking these steps will help ensure that your package arrives safely. Take action now and send packages to your friend or loved one today.

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