What Are the Signs of a Concussion in Kids?

As parents, it’s natural to worry about your child. However, learning some basics about concussions and what to look out for can ease your mind when it comes to them being active.

Are you wondering, “How do you know if my kid has a concussion?” Read on to learn the signs of a concussion in kids so that you can catch them quickly in the future.


Confusion is one of the most common signs of a concussion in kids. Kids may find it difficult to concentrate, and their answers may be slower or muddled. They may also be irritable, more emotional than usual, unable to remember new information and feel overwhelmed.

Additionally, your child may lose a sense of awareness of what is going on around them and be unable to follow simple instructions. Seeing a doctor right away can help diagnose the concussion, as well as develop a plan of care. Concussions should be taken very seriously and not ignored.

If by any chance your child suffered a concussion due to negligence of others, contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer right away. This will ensure you will get the right compensation you deserve.


When it comes to signs of a concussion in kids, headaches are one of the common concussion symptoms to look out for. Kids may experience different types of headaches, such as throbbing, sharp, or dull pain, that may be located in various parts of the head.

The headaches can range in severity and may be more intense with physical activity or emotional upset. If a child is complaining of a headache, particularly when accompanied by any other possible sign of a concussion, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Vomiting is one of the more serious signs of a concussion in kids. In addition to headache and confusion, it may signal a more severe injury, such as a bruise or tear to the brain or a skull fracture.

Vomiting that continues throughout a long period of time or occurs more than once could be a sign of a concussion. When seeking medical attention for a potential concussion, it is important to make note of any vomiting episodes that occur. A doctor can better diagnose the injury and provide proper treatment if they are aware of any episodes of vomiting. 

Sensitivity to Light

One sign of a concussion in kids is sensitivity to light. This usually occurs when the child is exposed to bright or direct light. In some cases, the child may experience difficulty tolerating indoor lights or sunlight.

It is important to keep your child away from any light that may exacerbate these symptoms. If untreated, the concussion can worsen and lead to more serious complications for the child. Seeing your child’s doctor for a concussion evaluation is important, as the child may need further testing or treatment to repair the damage done by the traumatic brain injuries.

Signs of a Concussion in Kids You Should Not Ignore

There are many signs of a concussion in kids. It is important to recognize these signs quickly and seek medical attention if concussive symptoms are present.

It is also important to take preventative action by equipping children with helmets and other protective gear that can help reduce the risk of a concussion. Parents should actively monitor their children for signs of a concussion.

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