Simple Tricks to Motivate Your Workforce

Simple Tricks to Motivate Your Workforce

Few people will say no to getting more money. After all, whether you are a man or a woman, married or single, there are bills to pay and food to put on the table.

In addition, we all want the comfort that comes with financial stability and knowing that every once in a while, we can afford to buy the things we want either for ourselves or the people we hold close to our hearts. Not to mention the sense of pride that comes with a job well done and being appreciated for our labor.

Yet, this is something that many organizations cannot do, at least not constantly. The reason is straightforward. There isn’t enough money to raise employee salaries and offer them bonuses every six months. Furthermore, other investments are to be made, such as technology and product or service promotion and advertising.

So, how can firms keep their staff satisfied without giving them a higher income? Is this even possible? While there are no straightforward answers to these and other similar questions, there are certain things enterprises can do to create an environment of positivity and satisfaction inside company premises. Let us look at some of them.

Little Things That Matter

Oftentimes, rewards don’t need to come with George Washington’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, or Abraham Lincoln’s faces on them to have value. As long as they are sincere, meaningful, and specific, they will be appreciated.

For example, if you give one of your staff members a customized silicone ring or bracelet with either his name or a congratulatory message engraved on it, he will not only know you put in the time to do something special, but chances are, he will feel re-energized to do even better next time.

Of course, keep in mind that this shouldn’t happen every week or month as it will become expected and lose much of its worth. But, as the saying goes, little things do go a long way when they come from a good place or a sense of gratitude for something someone has done that has benefited you in some way.

Stuck in the Mud

There are several reasons why people quit their jobs. For some, it’s about the opportunity to earn a higher salary in a different company or working closer to home. Others leave their current organizations to follow a great leader who has moved elsewhere, a person they admire, respect, and want to continue working with. Finally, a third group is made of those willing to take their chances at starting a new business, being their own bosses, and having complete control over their time.

Whatever the case may be, one factor we haven’t looked at is the possibility of growth. This pertains to your specific area of expertise and relevant skills that will help you no matter the path you take in your career.

If you want your employees to stay happy and motivated, never cease to teach them, never stop aiding in their development. The initial investment you make will more than likely come back to you in hard work and corporate loyalty.

Individual People

When a girl listens to a guy tell another lady the same things he told her, she will not entertain the possibility of engaging in a serious relationship with him. The reasons for this are quite obvious and not something we need to expand upon.

The same is true for employees. If you hear our boss praise Mary, John, and yourself as if he were reading from a script, would you really trust that his words are honest and well-thought-of?

Naturally, it is challenging for a giant multinational corporation with over 50,000 employees and offices in 30 countries to treat everybody differently. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t even try. It doesn’t mean it cannot put in the effort to listen to specific worker circumstances and do the best at its disposal to accommodate them fairly and expeditiously.

If you cannot give your staff more money or a longer vacation, do the little things that create the biggest impact. Also, make sure you train them as much as you can, so they can grow and help your organization prosper. Finally, do your best to treat each person as a unique individual and be flexible to their needs. By doing so, your enterprise will have a far greater chance of success, regardless of the industry it finds itself in.

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meta desc: This article looks at three of the best ways to keep employees happy and motivated in their jobs. Read along to learn more about rewards, training, and treating people as individuals.

Written by Enaa Mari

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