Simplicity and elegance are the two key characteristics of classic glass vases

classic vase

Venice has always been known to be an influential city in the world for several reasons. In the past it was recognized as a cultural and economic powerhouse, today Venice can be considered a major tourist hub and a historical and artistic center for Italy. This city’s heritage is still clearly visible throughout its streets, palaces and canals: today Venice looks just as magnificent as it was in the past. From its stunning Piazza San Marco, up to its beautiful lagoon, Venice is able to impress more than seven million tourists each year. This city offers you any kind of leisure, such as taking slow walks through its canals enjoying Spritz and Prosecco, visiting antique palaces and art museums, participating in traditional events such as Redentore’s festival and the internationally famous Venice carnival. Every tourist will leave the city with their expectations exceeded.

If you’d like to continue on exploring Venice’s surroundings, you can take a boat from the island and go visiting Burano and Murano. Burano is approximately 1 hour away on boat, but the journey will definitely be worth it because you will be stunned by all the colorful houses that island offers. Murano is another hidden gem worth of attracting many visitors each year. It hosts one of the most important excellences of Italy: Murano glassware craftsmanship. Murano’s glassware artisans’ experience date back to around 700 years ago and its legacy is still noticeable. While you’re taking a stroll through Murano’s streets you can admire the artisans at work creating gorgeous masterpieces like sculptures, vases, mirrors and jewelry. Each piece is entirely handmade and so inimitable, adding more value and preciousness to each glass item. Each artisan family pass down is knowledge and techniques from generation to generation.

Among all the products Murano produces every day, vases are no doubt the most interesting. The island is specialized both in modern and classic design vases, choose what best suits your taste! As far as classic vases are concerned, their shape and colors all respect the Venetian tradition and traditional designs. Imagine having one of them in your favorite room, it would be like having a little piece of Venetian history inside your own home! At YourMurano you can take a look at our classic decorative vases, to see for yourself how elegant and sophisticated they are. Browse through all our colors and shapes assortment, they will definitely leave you craving for them!

Written by Francis Underwood

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