Six Reasons to Visit Chikmagalur’s the Serai for Romantic Glaciation

Six Reasons to Visit Chikmagalur’s the Serai for Romantic Glaciation

Serai in Chikmagalur is an exceptional choice. It’s trendy and elegant and is located in India’s original coffee plantation regions, making it an ideal spot for a romantic holiday (glamorous vacation). Google has yet to define this word. Let’s share the top ten reasons we think it is the best luxury resort to enjoy a romantic getaway.

These are just 6 reasons we believe the Serai Resort Chikmagalur will be a great choice for your heartfelt glaciation.


The earthy aroma and quality of an exclusive espresso resort. The Serai, Chikmagalur: Enjoy the unique aroma and quality of an espresso resort. You will experience a heartfelt glaciation like no other. The Cafe Coffee Day group claimed this hotel. It is located in Chikmagalur (India’s espresso capital), an interesting town that is surrounded by espresso estates. Enjoy your day soaking up the hotel’s many vistas, and get a rare glimpse of the world.

Lokal – 250 kms from Bangalore

Only 250 kilometres from Bangalore is the Serai. We flew to Calcutta in the morning and then drove to Bangalore Airport for our espresso resort. The drive from Bangalore to Chikmagalur was pleasant and surrounded by trees, cascades, and vegetation. It is a pleasant, exhausting excursion. It is ideally suited to a long weekend retreat.

Enjoy the Estate Villas with their private pools

Once we entered The Serai, we were able to see a large number of incredible home manors. You can see the estates spread out throughout the entire premises. The presence of private pools in the manors was a welcome addition and a great attraction. Estate Villa with Jacuzzi and Villa with Pool, Estate Terrace, Estate Terrace, and The Residence are just a few of the options. There is no better way to spend time with your loved ones than by relaxing in the pool and enjoying a glass of wine. Enjoy the luxury lifestyle and get to know your partner.

India’s first coffee estates will surround you

Okay! You can return home to see the extraordinary espresso ranches that provide the finest espresso beans for the entire nation. The espresso centre is your home, and you cannot escape the aroma of espresso ranches from any area you visit.

You are immediately hit by the earthy aroma of Arabica espresso. Fragile Arabica shrubberies are surrounded by tall, tall oaks, teaks, and other trees within the manors. Arabica espresso grows in the shade of these tall trees, which is perhaps one of India’s most unique methods for developing espresso. This is how espresso was made in India for the seventeenth century, according to cultural stories. It was believed that the beans had been stolen from Yemen to Chikmagalur.

Wellbeing – Spa Rejuvenation, Yoga

A heartfelt glaciation is a way to connect with your inner self. It is possible to do this by pampering yourself and enjoying a spa treatment at the OMA Spa. You can also do Yoga and take in the natural environment.

Heartfelt Dinner – comfortable climate

Ah! This is what makes a luxurious, heartfelt retreat like this so special. The Serai is a magical place that allows you to escape into the realm of pure joy and magic. It’s a great place to share your heartfelt energy and unadulterated excitement with your loved ones. Their restaurant Odyssey is a cafe inspired by the explorer’s idea. You can eat and drink there. You can eat and enjoy authentic Malnad food, or you can try their multi-cooking specialties.

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