SmartPhone and How it Impacts Modern Communications

The first smartphone was invented in 1992 by the famous tech company IBM, but it wasn’t available for sale until two years later. It had a calculator, sketch pad, and several apps. The phone was called Simon Personal Communicator (SPC); it had a battery life of about an hour. The price tag was $1100, and only about 50,000 copies were sold in the first six months. Its range was limited to about 15 US states. The case is different now as there are many smartphones with great forms of art designs and functions. 

Uses of the Smartphone

With the advancement in technology and designs of smartphones, the device can perform a variety of functions. It is performing tasks that we never imagined possible about 30 years ago. Below are a few of the things that the smartphone is being used to do.

  • Searching for information: searching for information has become very easy with a smartphone. If you are searching for the best online casinos in Finland, you can either type it on your phone or use the voice search.
  • Photography: the picture quality of the advanced versions of the smartphone is very high because the camera of the newest models of smartphones has very high megapixels. There are also smartphone apps that improve picture quality.
  • Social media networking/socialization: with the use of smartphones, people have connected with friends and families on social media platforms. It has also helped companies to reach their final consumer swiftly and efficiently.

Impact of Smartphones in Modern Communications

This gadget has the advantage of mobility over other communication devices. The smartphone, over the years, has become smarter with future technologies. In this section, we will be discussing how the smartphone has impacted communication.

  • Video calling/conference: wherever you are, you can communicate with others via video call and voice call at the top of the mountain or the bottom of the sea. Video calling is a crucial aspect in the advancement of communication, as video conferences can be held over the phone.
  • Documentation and the spread of information: the device has improved the reach of timely information. A camera crew does not have to be on the ground before news can be reported live. Through video recording and the 2010 and 2011 protests in Tunisia and Egypt were captured, trending on social media.
  • Chatting over calling: with your android or iPhone, you can access any social media site. Over the years, people have come to love chatting on the phone more than calling, and it has gone to the extent of affecting real-life conversations between acquaintances and family members.


With every century comes advancement in technology; the smartphone is one gadget that has made life easier for people. Asides from the impact of the smartphone on communication, it has also been very helpful to the economy. It has also helped in job creation and has lots of positive and negative impacts.

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