Sneakers vs. Tennis Shoes: Is There a Difference?

Sneakers vs. Tennis Shoes

The words sneakers and tennis shoes seem to be almost interchangeable terms for athletic-style shoes. However, are these two the same thing, or is this just a figure of speech?

This guide will help dispel any myths or ideas you may have regarding these shoe types. Read on to discover the design components of sneakers vs tennis shoes.

In no time, you’ll be able to determine what type of shoes you need to lace up.


The first thing to realize is that there is a difference between sneakers and tennis shoes.

Almost any brick and mortar or online sneaker store will carry both of these types of shoes. It’s important to determine which you need. These aspects will help you decide.


A sneaker is an umbrella term that covers all causal sporty shoes. For the most part, sneakers have comfort and practicality for a variety of activities.

In a general sense, sneakers are not tailored to any sport.

Tennis Shoes

As the name suggests, this footwear works for playing the game of tennis.

Tennis puts a lot of torque and physical stress on your feet. As such, the shoes are designed for the type of movement that’s involved on the court. The components focus on player safety and comfort.


Support is one of the most important factors in shoes. Every activity will require different types of foot support. So, let’s look at these two shoe designs. Check best shoes deals here reviews.


Sneakers will emphasize cushioning and comfort. Because they are designed for general activity, lateral motion is not as critical. Instead, sneakers have heel-to-toe motion comfort.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis requires side-to-side action, plant stepping, and agility. Therefore, Tennis shoes are all about lateral support and foot stability. Support is more important than cushioning.

Materials and Soles

The material of your shoes is for more than looks. The build plays a part in traction, comfort, and weight. Sneakers and tennis shoes often have different materials.


Sneakers are usually designed with weight in mind; their thin and breathable material is about shedding the heft. The lighter the shoe, the more comfortable you’ll be.

The soles of the sneaker are not necessarily designed for durability. If you are doing more than wearing sneakers casually, they may wear out fast.

Tennis Shoes

Along with support, durability is important to tennis shoes. As this is the case, tennis shoes may be heavier than sneakers. You still need to be quick on the court, but the material that adds weight is there to enhance gameplay.

Tennis takes place on clay, grass, and hard courts. The soles will differ between the types of gameplay. Tennis shoes will also always have non-marking sole material to keep the court surface clean. Read this out for more info: The Best Waterproof Tennis Shoes according To Tennis Players, it was published by Loom Footwear and will give you more insights about the tennis shoes.

Sneakers vs Tennis Shoes

Now you know some of the designs and parts of this footwear. When it comes to sneakers vs tennis shoes, which do you need? Keep this guide in mind when selecting a pair for your activity.

If you found this guide useful, there is a lot more to read. Keep an eye on the blog for other insightful lifestyle articles.

Written by Crystal Rae

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