Styling Secrets: Tips And Tricks For Rocking Your Salwar Suit Look

The one Indian outfit you can wear to all occasions, irrespective of the season or time, is a salwar suit. Usually available as a three-piece set (salwar, kameez and dupatta), a salwar kameez/suit is accepted across all Indian cultures and ages. For the looks, you can come up with your designs or go ahead with the pre-stitched ones available in the market.

However, with such a widely accepted clothing style, standing out from the crowd sometimes gets difficult. Helping you in the scene, here are some tips and tricks that will let you rock any salwar suit design in style. Thus making a statement look different from the others in the room.

Tips And Tricks For Rocking Your Salwar Suit Look

With the various body types, it sometimes gets tricky to have your expectations rightfully camouflaged into reality. But for a steady solution, you have all these tips and tricks together.


Let’s proceed with the tips, and then you can continue reading the tricks part.

  • Watch out for the length of the sleeve

A short sleeve salwar suit will help draw attention to your arms, flattering the features of your upper body. It is best to avoid short sleeves or a sleeveless look when you have chubby arms. Always get full sleeves or the one in three-quartered length for that toned look.  

  • The right print can be a game changer

Prints are an absolute game changer, making you look short or tall then you are. Micro prints will always make your body proportionate, while tiny prints will jazz up the entire look when you have a petite physique. Vertical prints will elongate your body, making it look more shredded. 

  • All you need is the right bottoms

With everyone’s unique body type, a custom-fit salwar suit is the best option for that edgy look. For circumstance, when you have flabby legs bothering you all the time, opt for loose-fitted bottoms to rectify the situation. Ditch that leggings situation or close-fitted bottoms and embrace dhoti pants or palazzos. 

  • The length of the Kameez does bother

Your height has much to do with the length of the kameez you choose. Those floor-touching beauties might look good on the celebrity model you follow. When buying for yourself, consider the one that matches your height. Choose wisely and avoid long lengths when you are shorter than the average height.

  • Colour choice does matter

For each skin tone, there is a particular colour, which helps highlight the best of the features. In your suit choice, you can go for pastels – mints, pink, aqua, peach and lilac with a body tone towards the lighter shade. Those with a dusky skin type shall opt for deeper shades like maroon, crimson, black and midnight blues.


Now that you are thorough with the various tips making you stand out in a salwar suit, it’s time to proceed with the tricks part.

  • You can always wear a jacket, giving a new look to the suit

Instead of buying a whole new salwar suit for a one-day function, you can style up the same by adding an ethnic jacket to the look. Whether it is sleeveless or with sleeves, ensure you have the right colour and fabric chosen for the combination to work out the best.

  • Keep those embellishments in mind

Opting for minimalistic suit types with little to light embellishments for day occasions is always best. Whereas for the evening and late nights, choose heavy embellishment types. For the dupatta drapes, opt for broad pleats with flowy edges. Do not forget to pin your dupatta to the kameez to keep the look intact.

  • Accessorise the look

For that traditional girl-next-door look, completing your outfit with the right accessories is important. Consider carrying a potli bag with your salwar updo. This single piece can be a game changer, offering the right bling to your look. Rather than matching the bag’s colour to your suit, opt for a contrasting shade, adding the right amount of zeal to your outfit.

  • For makeup, try to experiment with Kohled eyes

When in doubt, doll up your face! For that matter, you can choose to highlight your bright and wide eyes with the staple black Kohled look. Choose a red or magenta-pink shade for the lips to make a statement with the look. For the kajal, other than the regular black, there are white, blue and brown shades for you to choose from.


With all these tips and tricks, it is no longer a big task to wear your favourite salwar kameez and show off your style. You can buy salwar suit materials or a stitched suit online or offline, keeping the wearing conditions in mind. For a complete look, do not fail to wear the right accessories and have your hair nicely done as the occasion requires.

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